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The nurse is teaching a client about healthy nutrition. The nurse recognizes that the client understands the teaching when the client makes which of the following statements?
"I will make sure that I eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly."
The nurse teaches a client who has had surgery to increase intake of which nutrient to help with tissue repair?
Which action should the nurse take initially to verify correct positioning of a newly placed small-bore feeding tube?
Place an order for a radiograph to check position.
Based on knowledge of peptic ulcer disease (PUD), the nurse anticipates the presence of which bacteria when reviewing the laboratory data for a client suspected of having PUD?
Helicobacter pylori
The nurse is assessing a client receiving enteral feedings via a small-bore nasointestinal tube. Which assessment finding needs further intervention?
Gastric residual aspirate of 300 mL for the second consecutive time
The nurse evaluates laboratory findings for a client hospitalized because of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Which finding is consistent with poor nutrition?
Serum albumin level of 2.5 g/dl
The home health nurse is seeing the following clients. Which client is at greatest risk for experiencing inadequate nutrition?
A recently widowed 76-year-old woman recovering from a mild stroke
The nurse is measuring the pH of fluid from a jejunostomy tube and suspects that the tube has migrated into the stomach when the pH reading is:
The nurse wants to begin feeding a client through a small-bore feeding tube that was recently placed. Before initiating feedings through this tube, the nurse confirms tube placement by:
Requesting confirmation of placement via radiographic examination
The nurse is caring for a client experiencing dysphagia. Which interventions will help decrease the risk of aspiration during feeding? (Select all that apply.)
Have the client sit upright in a chair., Place food in the strong side of the mouth.,Feed the client slowly, allowing time for the client to chew and swallow.
Which of the following statements about water-soluble vitamins is true? (Select all that apply.)
They cannot be stored., They must be consumed daily.
When evaluating the history of a client who has gastrointestinal (GI) upset, the nurse is sure to assess the client for routine ingestion of which of the following? (Select all that apply.)
A woman is considering becoming pregnant. The nurse practitioner recommends that the client begin to consume which of the following before attempting pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus?
Folic acid
A client has gained 2 lb of weight in the past day. The nurse calculates this weight gain to be __________ ml of fluid.