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Irregular verbs, gusta, possessions, question words Paso A B C y Capitulo 1 2 3

(ser~to be) yo

soy (I am)

(ser~to be) tú

eres (you are)

(ser~to be) usted

es (you are)

(ser~to be) él, ella

es (he, she is)

(ser~to be) nosotros

somos (we are)

(ser~to be) vosotros

sois (you are)

(ser~to be) ustedes

son (you are)

(ser~to be) ellos, ellas

son (they are)

(tener~to have) yo

tengo (I have)

(tener~to have) tú

tienes (you have)

(tener~to have) usted

tiene (you have)

(tener~to have) él, ella

tiene (he, she have)

(tener~to have) nosotros

tenemos (we have)

(tener~to have) vosotros

tenéis (you have)

(tener~to have) ustedes

tienen (you have)

(tener~to have) ellos, ellas

teinen (they have)


your (no accent mark means your accent mean you)


your, his, hers, their




your (informal plural from Spain)






his hers theirs yours




yours (informal plural from Spain)







¿De quién?





How much?


How many?


How? What?





¿Por qué?



to you; to him, her


to you (spain)


to you(plural); to them

me gusta

I like

te gusta

you like

le gusta

he she you like

nos gusta

we like

os gusta

you like (spain)


they you(plural) like

(ir~to go) yo

voy (I am going)

(ir~to go) tú

vas (you are going)

(ir~to go) él, ella, usted

va (he, she is going, you are going)

(ir~to go) nosotros

vamos (we are going to go)

(ir~to go) vosotros

vais (you are going~Spain)

(ir~to go) ellos, ellas, ustedes

van (you ~plural~ are going, they are going)

(querer~to want) yo

quiero (I want)

(querer~to want) tú

quieres (you want)

(querer~to want) él, ella, usted

quiere (he she want, you want)

(querer~to want) nosotros

queremos (we want)

(querer~to want) vosotros

queréis (you want~spain)

(querer~to want) ellos, ellas, ustedes

quieren (they want, you~plural~ want)

(preferir~to prefer) yo

prefeiro (I prefer)

(preferir~to prefer) tú

prefieres (you prefer)

(preferir~to prefer) él, ella, usted

prefiere (he, she prefer, you prefer)

(preferir~to prefer) nosotros

preferimos (we prefer)

(preferir~to prefer) vosotros

preferís (you prefer~spain)

(preferir~to prefer) ellos, ellas, ustedes

prefieren (they prefer; you~plural~prefer

(hacer~to do; to make) yo

hago (I do)

(hacer~to do; to make) tú

haces (you do)

(hacer~to do; to make) él, ella, usted

hace (he she does; you do)

(hacer~to do; to make) nosotros

hacemos (we do)

(hacer~to do; to make) vosotros

hacéis (you do~spain)

(hacer~to do; to make) ellos, ellas, ustedes

hacen (they do; you do)

(salir~to leave; to go out) yo

salgo (I leave)

(salir~to leave; to go out) tú

sales (you leave)

(salir~to leave; to go out) él, ella, usted

sale (he she leaves; you leave

(salir~to leave; to go out) nosotros

salimos (we leave)

(salir~to leave; to go out) vosotros

salís (you leave~spain)

(salir~to leave; to go out) ellos, ellas, ustedes

salen (they leave; you~plural~ leave)

(jugar~to play) yo

juego (I play)

(jugar~to play) tú

juegas (you play)

(jugar~to play) él, ella, usted

juega (he, she plays; you play)

(jugar~to play) nosotros

jugamos (we play)

(jugar~to play) vosotros

jugáis (you play~spain)

(jugar~to play) ellos, ellas, ustedes

juegan (they play; you~plural~ play)

(estar~to be) yo

estoy (I am)

(estar~to be) tú

estás (you are)

(estar~to be) él, ella, usted

esta (he she is, you are)

(estar~to be) nosotros

estamos (we are)

(estar~to be) vosotros

estáis (you are~spain)

(estar~to be) ellos, ellas, ustedes

están (they are; you are~plural)

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