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  1. i loro
  2. i vostri
  3. la tua
  4. il vostro
  5. i nostri
  1. a y'all's (masc. sing. nouns)
  2. b your (fem. sing. nouns)
  3. c their (masc. plural nouns)
  4. d our (masc. plural nouns)
  5. e y'all's (masc. plural nouns)

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  1. his/hers (masc. plural nouns)
  2. my (fem. sing. nouns)
  3. always take the article
  4. his/hers (fem. sing. nouns)
  5. my (masc. plural nouns)

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  1. le nostrey'all's (fem. plural nouns)


  2. the possessive adjective alwaysagrees in gender and number with the noun


  3. il nostroour (masc. sing. nouns)


  4. il lorotheir (masc. sing. nouns)


  5. i tuoihis/hers (masc. plural nouns)