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M&F Quiz 1

The process by which family identity, traditions, and commitment emerge through interaction within a particular family, is an important part of which perspective?
Parents, especially, and siblings and other relatives are usually highly influential in
developing a child's _____________, or that child's sense of worth and value.
family ecology
The __________ perspective focuses on how the family influences and is influenced by the environments that surround it.
What is the name for a current technology which can be installed in family vehicles to tell parents where their children have driven?
structure-functional theory
The conflict perspective is the opposite of the___________; it assumes that not all family behaviors and practices contribute to family well-being.
40 to 50
The text reports that between _________ percent of recent first marriages will end in divorce.
Personal decision making has little impact on society
Which of the following is NOT one of the four themes of the textbook?
promoting genetic material
The structure-functional theoretical perspective views the family as performing at least three important functions. Which of the following is NOT one of these?
Family identity
________________ is made up of the ideas and feelings about the uniqueness and value of one's family unit, which often emerges in family traditions, rituals and celebrations.
become much more flexible.
As families have become less traditional, the legal definition of a family has
an experiment
A "control group" is most likely to be found in which of the following?
family decline
Scholars and advocates with a "__________" perspective point to what they see as a negative cultural change accentuated by excessive individualism and self-indulgence.
longitudinal study.
Collecting data over a period of years using documented materials would reflect a(n)
total neutrality is impossible for anyone.
While part of being a scientist is having objectivity, in reality
Which of the following is NOT a style of relating, according to attachment theory?
The question of how two previously separate individuals come together and over time create a shared view of themselves as a couple would be best answered using which perspective?
The __________ perspective is focused on several things, including confronting and reducing oppression and patterns of subordination based on such factors as social class, race, and ethnicity, age and sexual orientation.
Until about 50 years ago, the __________ family was considered the traditional American family.
societal and community
The ecology perspective helps to identify factors that are important to ______________ support for all families.
The text observes that most people grow up in some form of family and know something about what marriages and families are. But while personal experience provides us with
information, it can also act as
much lower
In 1950s, the nonmarital pregnancy rate was __________ in comparison with today.
Today's family ecologists stress the interdependence of all the world's families, not only with one another but also with our fragile __________ environment.
postponing marriage and parenthood.
According to the text, in recent years, people have been
The __________ perspective has its roots in Charles Darwin's principle of the survival of the fittest.
any person residing in the home.
The concept of "household" is broader than that of "family" as it includes