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Nature of Science


study of all living things

critical thinking

comparing what you already know with the information you are given to decide whether you agree with it


rules of conduct or moral principles


possible explanation about an observation that can be tested by scientific investigations


logical explanation of an observation that is drawn from prior knowledge or experience


using one or more of your senses to gather information and take note of what occurs


statement about what will happed next in a sequence of events


the investigation and exploration of natural events and of the new information that results from those investigations

scientific law

describes a pattern or an event in nature that is always true

scientific theory

explanation of observations or events based on knowledge gained from many observatons and investigations


practical use of scientific knowledge, especially for industrial or commercial use

universal negative

a statement that excludes everything

value judgment

a determination of the worth of something

verified answer

an answer supported by repeated experiments or surveys


observations that deal with a number, or amount


observations that deal with descriptions

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