Psych Exam

What is Freud's term for the primitive, biological side of personality?
Jung believed that there were two levels to the unconscious mind, the personal and the ________.
You are about to undergo delicate brain surgery that requires great skill on the part of the surgeon. As the surgical team wheels you into the operating room, you hope the surgeon has a high level of _____.
Freud believed that the _____________ was the most important determining factor in human behavior and personality.
Unconscious Mind
In Sigmund Freud's theory, the _______ operates according to the pleasure principle.
Which of the following is correct concerning cross-cultural studies on trait theories?
Evidence for the five trait dimensions has been found in several cultures.
As part of an application for a job, Dan is asked to complete some psychological tests including one in which he responds true or false to items such as "I feel sad most of the time," or "I had a good childhood." What type of psychological test is Dan taking?
An inventory
The unique and relatively stable ways in which each individual thinks, acts, and feels is called __________.
Which theory of personality was a direct reaction against the psychoanalytic and behaviorist perspectives?
Humanistic Perspective
What is the correct sequence of Freud's psychosexual stages?
oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital
Drilling holes in the skull of a person suffering from a mental illness is called
All of these were believed to be causes of mental illness
Witchcraft, Demons, Illness in the blood
The primary purpose of the DSM-IV-TR is to _____.
help psychological professionals diagnose psychological disorders
Which of the following is an anxiety disorder?
Phobic disorder
In which disorder does a person seem to experience at least two or more distinct personalities existing in one body?
dissociative identity disorder
Joanna is experiencing severe anxiety. Her psychiatrist attributes her disorder to a chemical imbalance. Her psychiatrist is using the ___________ of abnormality.
biological model
Which axis of the DSM-IV-TR contains an overall judgment made by the psychological professional of the person's mental health and adjustment based on a scale from 0 to 100?
Axis V
Padma is extremely confident and feels that lately she needs very little sleep. In addition, she reports that her thoughts seem to be going fast-similar to watching three television shows at once. Padma most likely is experiencing ________.
a manic episode
______ schizophrenia is characterized by delusions of persecution, grandeur, and jealousy, together with hallucinations.
eople with ______ disorders have an excessively rigid, maladaptive pattern of behavior and ways of relating to others.