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mannerist style

-Characterized by spatial complexity, artificiality, and affection
-Outgrowth of reformation and sensual mysticism

picaresque novel

, a realistic novel detailing a scoundrel's exploits.


hero lower social class/spain

Baroque art purpose

teach and inspire faithfulness


to make the ceilings look larger space


theme, pivotal moment of life of teresa

baroque must known artists

Michelangelo and Caravaggio

baroque arts

from light to dark/ religious theme/ the scale of the drama is larger than the scale of frame


large dark areas and small light areas in paintings/ Caravaggio style


to cread depth and volumetric forms through slight gradation of light and dark


the first woman artist who followed Caravaggio (got raped)


the center of baroque music by Gabrieli in Europe


the first who wrote religious music in venice


type of instrumental contrapuntal work from renaissance


Musical arrangement in which each part of the composition has been designated with a specific voice or instrument


variations and contrast in force or intensity

Tonic Note

Central note of a musical composition


work; Consisting many smaller works

Basso Continuo

composed go a keyboard instrument and melody instrument


solo voice supported by a basso continuo


style of singing that imitates very closely the rhythms of speech


elaborate solo or duet song that expresses the singer's emotions and feeling

Program Music

purely instrumental music connected in some wat to a story or idea


Pattern beginning a composition in tonic key note, moving to different keys and back to the beginning

Still Lifes

Paintings dedicated to the representation of common house hold things and food

Genre Scenes

Painting that depict events from everyday life


Strong centralized monarchies that exert royal power over their dominions; usually the divine rights

French Garden

Formal garden that is characterized by a methodical, geometric design


believed that God created the universe to act through natural laws; Franklin, Jefferson, Paine

rational humanism

the belief that through logical, careful thought, progress is inevitable

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