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doctaj reproduction

quiz 17 - reproduction
When one cell divides and gives rise to two new cells its called _____.
asexual division (mitosis)
Humans normally have _____ chromosomes from each parent.
Meiosis is also called _____ or _____.
zygotic division, reduction division
In human males meiosis is completed after _____.
The vagina and penis are examples of _____ organs.
accessory sex organs
The _____ is normally cut in a male during sterilization.
vas deferens
_____ covers the spermatic cord.
spermatic fascia
The muscle found in the spermatic cord that looks like corned beef is the _____. Functionally it is important for _____.
cremaster muscle, thermoregulation
The remnant of peritoneum forming the innermost layer of the fascial sac is the _____.
tunica vaginalis
The _____ muscle and the _____ muscle contract if the testicle is too cold. They pull the testicle against the body to warm it up.
cremaster, dartos
A spermatozoon must develop a _____ in order to swim.
The tunica albuginea is the outer covering of the _____.
In human males the prostate gland can be palpated from the _____.
Semen is normally deposited in the _____.
True or False? Seminal fluids contain sugar.
true - actually it is fructose sugar
True or False? Humans have a bone in the penis.
false - but dogs, raccoons, and whales do
In a human female the _____ can be palpated from the rectum.
From the time of fertilization to _____ there is no anatomical difference between males and females.
6 weeks
The ovary in a female is homologous to the _____ in the male.