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MCAT Review: Circulatory & Lymphatic System

Circulatory system information. Brief review points for lymphatic system.
What is plasma?
The liquid component of blood.
What are the cellular components of blood?
Erythrocytes (red blood cells)
Leukocytes (white blood cells)
Name the 3 types of leukocytes.
Granular leukocytes
Which type of leukocyte plays a key role in inflammation and allergic reactions?
Granular leukocytes
(basophils, eosinophils, neutrophils)
Which type of leukocyte plays a key role in the immune response?
Describe the function of a monocyte.
Phagocytizes foreign matter.
What are the 4 blood types?
A, B, AB, O
Which blood type is considered to be a universal donor? universal recipient?
Universal donor: Type O
Universal recipient: Type AB
What is the Rh factor? Describe its effect on pregnancy.
Rh factor = an antigen on the surface of RBCs.
Following the birth of an Rh+ child, an Rh- mother develops antibodies to the Rh factor. These antibodies can attack the blood cells of an future Rh+ fetuses carried by the mother.
According to the Bohr effect, would high levels of H+ and HCO3- increase or decrease hemoglobin's affinity for oxygen?
Decrease hemoglobin's affinity for oxygen.
(T/F) Platelets play a key role in the immune response.
False - key players in clot formation.
Which proteins are essential for proper clotting?
(T/F) B lymphocytes are involved in humoral immunity.
Describe the function of immunoglobulins (antibodies).
Attract other cells that can phagocytize an antigen or cause the antigens to clump together.
What role do T lymphocytes play in an immune response?
Involved in cell-mediated immunity.
Responsible for the body's defense against viral and fungal infections.
(T/F) Skin, ciliated mucosa, macrophages, and inflammatory responses are all examples of nonspecific defense mechanisms.
What happens to interstitial fluid that doesn't diffuse into a capillary?
Picked up by the lymphatic system and returned to the circulatory system.
Describe a lymph node and its function.
Lymph node = swelling along a lymphatic vessel that contains phagocytic cells.
Function to filter the lymph and remove/destroy foreign particles.