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ancestral ( adj . )

Relating to family members from earlier generations

cohesion ( n . )

Ability to stay together as a unit

descendant ( n.)

A direct relative in a later generation (such as one's son, daughter, or grandchild)

inheritance ( n . )

Things passed down to you from your ancestors

kin ( n . )


legitimate ( adj . )

True and respectable; in the context of family, born of a mother and father who were married to each other

paternal ( adj . )

Relating to a father

proximity ( n . )


sentiment ( n . )

Feelings; opinion based on feelings

sibling ( n . )

Brother or sister

affection ( n . )

An emotional closeness or warmth

associate ( v . )

To regularly spend time together

bond ( n . )

A close connection

clique ( n . )

A small group of friends who are unfriendly to people outside the group

confide ( v . )

To tell very personal things

exclusive ( adj . )

Keeping out all but a few people

fluctuate ( v . )

To change often, from one condition to another

in common ( adv . )

As a shared characteristic

solidarity ( n . )

Standing together despite pressure to move apart

willing ( adj . )

Agreeable and ready to do something

complex ( adj . )

Not simple; involving many parts that work together

despondent ( adj . )

Extremely sad and without hope for the future

devotion ( n . )

A willingness to keep supporting someone you admire

dilemma ( n . )

A difficult choice between two things

engender ( v . )

to cause to exist; to bring into being

loyal ( adj . )


passion ( n . )

An extremely strong emotion, like love or anger

proliferation ( n . )

An increase in the number of something and in the number of places it can be found

reciprocity ( n . )

Doing as much for another as he or she has done for you

vanish ( v . )

To disappear suddenly

antipathy ( n . )

A strong, long-lasting negative feeling

arrogantly ( adv . )

In a way that shows a high opinion of oneself and a low opinion of others

berate ( v . )

To say insulting and disrespectful things

contemptuous (n.)

Having no respect

despise ( v . )

Hate very much

humiliation ( n . )

strong feelings of embarrassment

obnoxious ( adj . )

Bothersome; doing small things that others don't like

shame ( n . )

Dishonor because one has done something wrong

stigmatize ( v . )

To mark with a visible feature that makes other people think, perhaps incorrectly, that someone or something is wrong

vitriolic ( adj . )

Showing an extreme, hateful anger

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