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The study of tumors and cancer.


________is caused by abnormal cell growth that may be stimulated by various factors such as radiation, sunlight, etc.


Cancer can be categorized into ________and__________.


Process by which normal cells are turned into cancer cells.


Modified genes.


Substance that has a direct involvement in the promotion of cancer.


___________are certain chemicals that can permanently change DNA, increasing the risk of developing cancer.

Environmental carcinogens

Certain medications, insecticides, industrial dyes,and benzene that cause cancer.

Chemical carcinogens

__________include ionizing radiation and ultraviolet light.

Physical carcinogens

Viruses are?

Biological carcinogens

Tumor cells that originates from epithelial tissues.


Tumor cells that originate from connective tissue, such as bone or muscle.


Tumor cells that originate from lymphoid tissues.


Tumor cells that originate from melanocytes.


Common cell types and are often associated with the diseases like lung and prostate cancers.


Tumor cell that originates from a specific conncetive tissue type, namely bone.


A mass or swelling produced by abnormal cell growth and division.


Another name for a tumor is?


Tumor that usually remain within the epithelium or a conective tissue capsule.

Benign tumor

Tumor that does not remain contained within the epithelium or connective tissue capsule.

Malignant tumor

Cancer that is characterized by an increase in the number of immature white blood cels called blasts.


Cancer that arises from the lymphoid tissues.


Cancer that arises from a part of the immune system called the plasma cell.

Multiple Myeloma

Very deadly skin cancer that arises from melanocytes in the skin.

Malignant Melanoma

Usually an adenocarcinoma and forms in the tissues of the prostate.

Prostate cancer

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