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what is chivalry?

code of behavoir for knights

who did feudalism give most power to?


what di the french do under the capetians?

regain territory from english

what did the treaty of Verdun do?

it split the land between louis the pious's sons

In medeval times which member of the church were most likely to have contact with?

parish priest

who made up the regular clergy?


what did parliament have the power to do?

refuse new taxes

what was charlemagne declared

emperor of the romans

in the manorial system peasants worked the land in exchange for

some crops

what is primogeniture

system of inheritence of father to the eldest

what did henry II do?

curcuits for judges, 12 jury, trial by jury

what were the schools created bu charlemagne based on?

roman schools

did innocent III make the church more powerful of less powerful


what did the holy roman emperor eventually become?

figure head

what did popemake otto I emperor of the romans do

to help him with the struggle of nobles

T/F concordat of worms rep. a victory for henry IV


t/fChurch used excommunication and interdicts to power over people


t/f a fief managed land over vassal


t/f Knights could come from and social class


t/f various times england controlled by rome , denmark, france


t/f Manorial system reduced need for cities and towns


t/f Innocent III was temporarily able to unify Germany and italy


t/f long term effect of the lombard league was to inify italy


t/f simony allowed people to avoid paying taxes to the church


t/f simony allowed people to avoid paying taxes to the church


t/f magna carta was established in response to harsh taxes from england nobles


t/f the first parliments represented nobles and middle class citizens


t/f the capetians improved french government


t/f the treaty of verndun contributed to the fall of charlemagne's empire


t/f the merovingians were non christian frankish kings


pope gregory VII and Henry IV fought over the right to ----------------- bishops


in the feudal system nobles granted the use of its land to------------------


the lombard league was a group of city-states that

defeated fredrick

did philip Iv's rule strengthen or weaken the church?


Pepin III was the first king of which dynasty?


what were miss dominici?

messengers of the bird

who did the magna carta give rights to?


what was common law?

based upon custom and judges decisions

what was an interdict

closing of churches as a punishment

where was william the conqueror from?


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