Term 3 Theory Terms

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DolceSweetlyGiocosoHumourously, jokinglyL'istesso TempoThe same tempoLargoVery slow and dignifiedLentoSlowlyMarcatoMarked; emphasizedMeno mossoLess motion; less rapidlyMoltoVery much; a lotMorendoDying awayPiu mossoMore motion; more rapidlyPocoA littleRubatoDisplay intense feeling by modifying the timeSempreAlwaysSforzandoForcibly; with a sudden strong accentSostenutoSustainedStringendoGradually speed up, usually with a crescendoTempo GiustoFitting or strict tempoTempo PrimoReturn to the first tempoTenutoHeld, sustained Wind Player: use a soft tongue Singers: "press" articulationVivaceQuick and lively