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Kate - Science - Chapter 15, Sect 3


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What is an earthquake hazard?
is a measurement of how likely an area is to have damaging earthquakes in the future
Which part of the continental United States has the highest earthquake hazard level?
the West Coast
How is the strength of an earthquake related to how often they occur?
because the more frequent it happens the less strength it has
Gap hypothesis
a theory that states that sections of active faults that have had relatively few earthquakes are likely to be the sites of strong earthquakes in the future
Seismic gap
areas along a fault where relatively few earthquakes have taken place
After shocks
weaker earthquakes that follow a stronger earthquake
Gap hypothesis
not all seismologists believe gap hypothesis is an accurate way to forecast earthquakes
the process of making older buildings more earthquake resistant
The newest technology
what architects and engineers use to design and build structures to withstand earthquakes
Base isolators
structures in an earthquake-resistant building that act as shock absorbers
Mass dampers
the shifting weights placed in roofs of some earthquake-resistant buildings
Steel crossbars
Engineers place between floors to counteract the pressure on the sides of buildings during earthquakes
Flexible pipes
used to prevent waterlines and gas lines from breaking during earthquakes
What is a common way to retrofit an older home?
to securely fasten it to it's foundation
How do active tendon systems work
sensors notify a computer that the building is moving, the computer activates devices to shift a large weight to counteract the movement
What can you do to make your home safer before an earthquake starts
put heavier objects on lower shelves
What are some plans you can make now for things to do during an earthquake
find safe places inside and outside your home and arrange a safe place to meet after an earthquake
What can you do to help yourself now if waterlines, power lines, and roads are damaged during an earthquake
Store water, nonperishable food, fire extinguishers, flash light with batteries, a portable radio, medicines, and a first aid kit in a safe place where you can find it after an earthquake
What is the best thing to do if you are indoors during an earthquake
stay low under a table or desk in the center of a room
What is the best thing to do if you are outdoors during an earthquake
lie face down away from buildings, powerlines and trees, put hands over head, stay in a car