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Non-Specific Immunity

First line of immune defense that creates the same response to all invaders

Specific Immunity

When an antigen has been encountered before (natural immunity) or a vaccination creates a "memory" for specific antigens (acquired immunity)


Eating/Engulfing bacteria


Infectious Agent


Large proteins that will recognize and bind to some specific feature of the invading infectious agent (typically, a distinctive surface protein)


blood-borne chemical messengers, proteins, that are released by cells of the immune system that communicate between different cell types

Autoimmune Disease

over activation of the immune system; immune system considers a healthy constituent of your body to actually be something invasive and attacks


Growth of capillaries to aid in growth and provide nutrients
Glucocorticoids stimulate this process


Sequence of repetitive bases at the ends of linear chromosomes that prevent adjacent chromosomes from attaching to each other


An enzyme, replenish telomeres

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