13 terms

8th grade SS--Ch. 11 Sections 1 & 2

Industrial Revolution
the economic changes of the late 1700s, when manufacturing replaced farming as the main form of work
Samuel Slater
builder of the first water-powered textile mill in America
factory system
method of production using many workers and machines in one building
Lowell mills
textile mills located in the factory town of Lowell, Massachusetts
Robert Fulton
inventor of America's first widely successful steamboat
Peter Cooper
builder of America's first successful steam-powered locomotive
Samuel F. B. Morse
inventor of the telegraph
threshing machine
a device that separates kernels of wheat from their husks
mechanical reaper
a device that cuts grain
cotton gin
machine that made cleaning seeds from cotton faster
Eli Whitney
inventor of the cotton gin
Nat Turner
leader of an 1831 slave rebellion in Virginia
religious folk songs