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iliac crest

anterior superior iliac spine

anterior inferior iliac spine

posterior superior iliac spine

posterior inferior iliac spine

greater sciatic notch

iliac fossa

ischial spine

ischial tuberosity

obturator foramen

body of pubis

superior pubic ramus

inferior pubic ramus


Anterior inferior iliac spine

Anterior superior iliac spine

Name this specific part of the pelvic bone.

Greater sciatic notch

Greater trochanter

Head of femur

Iliac crest

Iliac fossa

Ischial spine

Ischial tuberosity

Lesser trochanter

Obturator foramen

Symphysis pubis

Sacroiliac joint


Made up of 3 fused bones
1) Ilium
2) Ischium
3) Pubis


Major portion of coxa


Posterior to pubis.
Posterior to the obturator foramen.
Portion of the coxa we sit on.


Inferior and anterior to the Ilium.
Anterior to the obturator foramen.


Located on the lateral edge of the coxa.
The socket for the head of the femur

Iliac Crest

Superior ridge of the Ilium.

Anterior Superior Iliac Spine


Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine


Posterior Superior Iliac Spine

Posterior projection of the iliac crest.

Posterior Inferior Iliac Spine

The superior edge of the greater sciatic notch.

Greater Sciatic Notch

On posterior side of Ilium.

Lesser Sciatic notch

Immediately inferior to the ischial spine.

Ischial Spine

The inferior edge of the greater sciatic notch.

Ischial Tuberosity


Greater Sciatic notch


Lesser Sciatic Notch


Ischial Spine


Ischial Tuberosity

What we sit on.

Ischial Ramus


Pubic Symphysis

The cartilage where the 2 coaxae are joined anteriorly.

Obturator Foramen

Huge muscles pass through

Differences between male and female hip bones

Pubic Arch--Female wider than male
Coccyx and sacrum--Straighter in female than male
Pelvic outlet (at ischial spine)--wider in female than male

How to identify right or left Coxa

Acetabulum is lateral
Greater Sciatic Notch is posterior

Iliac Crest




Pubis Tubercle


Pubis Symphysis


Obturator Foramen


Ischial Tuberosity


Lesser Sciatic Notch


Greater Sciatic Notch


sacral foramen

transverse lines

Sacral hiatus

Line below 'E'

Median sacral crest

Line above 'E'


entire left wing 'F'

sacral foramina


coccyx bone


superior articular process


sacral canal


auricular surfaces

sacral foramina

sacral foramina

sacral promontory

auricular surface


Acetabular notch

Lunate surface

iliac crest

gluteal lines

greater sciatic notch

lesser sciatic notch

Auricular surface

iliac tuberosity

anterior inferior iliac spine

Obturator foramen

Obturator groove

arcuate line

iliac fossa

pubic symphysis

iliopubic ramus

ischiopubic ramus


Sacral foramina

Transverse lines

auricular surface

superior articular facets

dorsal wall

median spine

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