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Chapter 10 Vocab.


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actualization tendency
The basic human motivation to actualize, maintain, and enhance the self.
conditional positive regard
Approval, love, or acceptance granted only when a person expresses desirable behaviors and attitudes.
conditions of worth
To Rogers, a belief that we are worthy of approval only when we express desirable behaviors and attitudes and refrain from expressing those that bring disapproval from others; similar to the Freudian superego.
encounter groups
A group therapy technique in which people learn about their feelings and about how they relate to (or encounter) one another.
fully functioning person
Rogers's term for selfactualization, for developing all facets of the self.
A discrepancy between a person's self-concept and aspects of his or her experience.
organismic valuing process
The process by which we judge experiences in terms of their value for fostering or hindering our actualization and growth.
person-centered therapy
Rogers's approach to therapy in which the client (not the patient) is assumed to be responsible for changing his or her personality.
positive regard
Acceptance, love, and approval from others.
positive self-regard
The condition under which we grant ourselves acceptance and approval.
Q-sort technique
A self-report technique for assessing aspects of the self-concept.
unconditional positive regard
Approval granted regardless of a person's behavior. In Rogers's person-centered therapy, the therapist offers the client unconditional positive regard.