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Humanities from the Renaissance

Who, by 1279, was emperor of China?
Kublai Khan
From what city did Kublia Khan rule?
What is the dominant political system in contemporary China?
What significant protest occurred against the Chinese Communist government in 1989?
the Tiananmen Square protest
What is often considered the highest form of art in China?
Calligraphy written in ink on paper or silk
What was the Forbidden City?
the palace enclosure
In what war was China defeated by Great Britain, resulting in their ceding of Hong Kong to Britain?
the Opium War of 1840-1842
What is Feng Shui(Fung-SHWAY)?
the Chinese art of how the natural environment effects people's fortunes(well-being)
What was the most important work of Chinese literature written in the 18th century--considered by some the greatest Chinese novel, and who was its author?
The Dream of The Red Chamber by Cao Xuegin
What literary genre has always commanded the most respect in Chinese literature?
Who is the father of modern Communism?
Chairmen Mao Zedong
What is Vietnam's epic poem?
The Tale of Kieu
What was found buried near the mausoleum of the Qin emperor, Lintong Shaanxi, and was believed to have been meant to serve him in the afterlife?
Terracotta Soldiers
On what other nation's constitution did the Japanese model their constitution?
Shinto is essentially what?
a religion of Japanese patriotism
Who was Hokusai Katsushika, and which of his works is now known worldwide?
a Japanese wood block print artist; he painted The Great Wave of Kanagawa
Of what is Mt. Fuji a symbol?
it is a symbol of Japan's enduring beauty and stability
What were Japanese kamikaze pilots?
Japanese pilots during WWII that committed suicide by purposely crashed their planes into enemy targets to defend their country's honor.
Who may be the best loved of all Japanese poets?
Kobayashi Issa
What type of poetry has become the most international of all forms of poetry?
the Haiku
What are the two primary types of Japanese music for theater?
Noh theater and Kabuki theater
What is "anime?"
highly sophisticated animated film and a modern cinematic development in Japan
What are "geisha?"
women who served as professional or artistic entertainers skilled in art, music, and storytelling
Who became a leading founder of the movement called "negritude?"
Leopold Senghor
Who was Nelson Mandela?
was elected President of "a new" South Africa
What musical work, by Sonny Okosun, which became a popular statement against apartheid in Africa, was produced in 1978?
Fire in Soweto
Where did the popular 20th century song, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," originate?
Who wrote the original song upon which the film, The Lion King, is based, what was its original title, and when was it recorded?
a Zulu musician named Solomon Linda; originally titled Mbube; recorded in 1939
Who became the first African writer to win a Nobel Prize for Literature in 2003?
Wole Soyinka
What are "ere ibeji" dolls?
dolls carved of twins which are kept incase one twin dies
What revolutionary leader was inaugurated as Mexican president in 1920?
Alvaro Obregon
From what Latin American country does tango come?
From what Latin American country does samba and lambada come?
From what Latin American country does pasillo come?
From what Latin American country does rumba come?
From where does the calypso dance come?
the Caribbean
Who is considered the founder of the Latin American novel?
Julio Cortazar
What is "EL Bloom?"
the explosion of latin American fiction on the world literary scene in the 1950s and 1960s