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Chapter 8 Study Guide

What is the function of the articles, or the main body, of the Constitution?
to define responsibilities of citizenship
Why did the framers of the Constitution develop a structure of government with three branches?
keep leaders from gaining too much power
How does the system of checks and balances protect people's rights?
"checks" or limits the power of others
Define popular sovereignty
right of the people to alter their government
What are the seven basic principles of the Constitution?
popular sovereignty, separation of powers, federalism, individual rights, limited government, checks and balances, republicanism
What is the most important power of Congress?
make the nation's laws
Who are the only elected officials chosen by all American voters?
President and Vice President
Define Electoral College
complex system of choosing the United States President
Define override
to check the power of the presidential veto
Define impeach
to bring charges of serious wrongdoing by an elected official
What is the main role of the President of the United States?
To carry out the nation's laws
Who can propose constitutional amendments?
Congress or National Convention
What fraction of all state legislatures had to ratify the Bill of Rights before it became law?
three fourths
Define incriminate
to give evidence against others or oneself
What part of the Constitution abolished slavery?
Thirteenth amendment
How did the 26th amendment change the legal age for voting?
lowered the age from 21 to 18
Define constitutional initiative
process by which citizens act directly to cause change
Who has the main responsibility for public education in the United States?
state government
Who grants licenses to doctors, lawyers, and teachers?
state government
What powers and functions do local governments have?
those that state government gives
Who is most responsible for providing police and fire protection?
local government
Define naturalize
to complete the process for citizenship
Define civic virtue
willingness to sacrifice for the common good
What do we call things like patriotism, respect, and responsibility?
democratic values
Obeying the law, serving on a jury, and being informed are types of what?
civic responsibility