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Jared Diamond

professor of biology, bird watcher, and author


abundant possessions of white men

Question Jared Diamond seeks to answer

why white men have so much and New Guineans have so little


important food source for New Guineans, not a good source of protein, great deal of work to produce so little


first cultivated in MIddle East, fairly easy to cultivate, can be stored for long periods

Why New Guineans didn't domesticate animals for farming

they didn't have any

Regions 14 major domestic farm animals originate

Middle East

Civilizations that arose in Mesopotamia

Summerians, Asyrians, Babylonians

The Hebrew Bible contains laws which

resemble Hammurabi's Code

In the Book of Job

Job questions God

The Epic of Gilgamesh

world's first epic; precedes Hebrew Bible, details hero's search for eternal life

First man to form a covenant with Yahweh


Hammurabi's Code

valuable index to life in Mesopotamia; comprehensive written code; not all criminals punished equally


symbolized linking between heaven and earth, attended by priests and priestesses, cuneiform tablets

Gods sent the flood to destroy humanity in the Epic of Gilgamesh because

they were too noisy

Egytian social structure

permitted upward movement NOT rigid

Nile River

closely related to the god Osiris, annual inundation promoted ideas about resurrection, flows south to north

Best way to describe Egypt's political order

Theocratic Socialism

Produced no known epic literature

Ancient Egypt

Palette of Narmar

commemorates union of Upper and Lower Egypt, represents Lower Egypt with a severed head and papyrus, features falcon god Horus

Introduced monotheism to Ancient Egypt


Greatest God of Egyptian Parthenon

Amon or Re


female pharoah who ruled for 22 years

Achilles prayed

to see his own men slaughtered

Patroclos was naked

because he was stripped after losing a battle


50 sons

Jar in Zeus' hall

good things and bad things

Achilles first set of armor

Patroclos was killed in it

Achilles' spear

too big for any other warrior to wield successfully

Earliest Neolithic Chinese people worked to produce


Atman + Brahmin


Yin and Yang most closely associated with

Hindu ideas

Classic language of ancient India


China's oldest text

Book of changes

Most powerful personified spirits in ancient Chines world were


Famous for bureaucracies and intricate testing systems

Zhou Dynasty

Olmecs named

after a tree

Ancient China did not produce any

epic literature

In India Religion is grounded in


"rubber people"


Most ancient urban areas


Shang Dynasty

"Dragon Throne"

Dialectical Method

A question-and-answer style of inquiry made famous by Socrates


that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings

Empirical Method

Gaining knowledge through the observation of events, the collection of data, and logical reasoning


Greek word for "happiness."`


traveling teachers that taught how to win an arguement; didn't believe in gods; refused the idea of an absolute right or wrong


philosophers that preceeded Socrates; culmination was "the four basic elements of universe are fire, air, earth, water

Theory of Forms

A theory that proposes that all sensory objects are imitations of forms, which are perfect, ideal and eternal.

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