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Conjugation quiz: English to French Exercise-related verbs

I shower myself

Je me douche ("I to myself shower")

He jogs

Il jogge

They jog (male)

Ils joggent

We exercise

Nous exerçons (cedilla to keep 'c' soft)

You take a walk (formal)

Vous vous promenez ("You to yourself walk")

I jog

Je jogge

We lose weight

Nous maigrissons

I become active

Je me mobilise ("I to myself become active")

She weighs herself

Elle se pèse ("She to herself weighs")

He puts weight back on

Il regrossis

They kick (female)

Elles satonnent

You lose weight (formal)

Vous vous maigrissez ("You to yourself lose weight")

I exercise

Je exerce

We put weight back on

Nous regrossissons

We weigh ourselves

Nous nous pesons

They jog (female)

Elles joggent

I lose weight

Je maigris

She jogs

Elle jogge

You exercise (informal)

Tu exerces

We garden

Nous jardinons

They lose weight (female)

Elles maigrissent

You garden (informal)

Tu jardines

We weigh ourselves

Nous nous pesons

We become active

Nous nous mobilisons

She becomes active

Elle se mobilise

I weigh myself

Je me pèse

He loses weight

Il maigrit

They weigh themselves (female)

Elles se pèsent

You kick (plural)

Vous satonnez

We weigh ourselves

Nous nous pesons (no accent)

We jog

Nous joggons

We put weight back on

Nous regrossissons

You put weight back on (informal)

Tu regrossis

She hops

Elle saunte

I hop

Je saunte

You jog (formal)

Vous joggez

You shower yourself (informal)

Tu te douche

We shower ourselves

Nous nous douche

He loses weight

Il maigrit

She exercises

Elle exerce

They lose weight (male)

Ils maigrissent

We hop

Nous sauntons

We become active

Nous nous mobilisons

He becomes active

Il se mobilise

You weigh yourself (informal)

Tu te pèses

He showers himself

Il se douche

You lose weight (informal)

Tu maigris

We walk

Nous nous promenons

You walk (formal)

Vous vous promenez

You walk (informal)

Tu te promènes

They walk (male)

Ils se promènent

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