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Medical Event Report

Primary Objective of MER

Navy public health experts can be aware of problems, the steps taken so far, and assists in their ability to help.

Uses of Mers

a. Any diagnosis, case or medical event that has been identified in a DON health care beneficiary and classified are reportable.
b. Research Labs that identify a case/medical-event, sufficiently enough to classify it as reportable.

Mer findings are reported too...

Findings shall be reported to cognizant Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit (NEPMU)

Disease Reporting System internet (DRSi)

(1) Official system to capture, store and communicate information related to RMEs.
(2) DRSi account can be requested through NDRSi helpdesk at
(3) Mandatory where there is internet connection

when DRSi is not available

Routine reports should be submitted to their nearest NEPMU by U.S. Mail

URGENT REPORTS when DRSi is down

(1) Phone
(2) Priority Naval Message (3) Encrypted e-mail

is use of SAMS to submit MER authorized?


diseases that must be reported with a MER within 24 hours......

(1) Amebiasis.
(2) Anthrax.
(3) Biological Warfare Agent Exposure. (4) Botulism.
(5) Cholera..
(6) Dengue fever
(7) E. coli 0157:H7 infection.
(8) Encephalitis (arboviral and tick-borne).
(9) Hantavirus infection.
(10) Hemorrhagicfever(specifytype).
(11) Legionellosis.
(12) Malaria(all).
(13) Measles.
(14) Meningococcaldisease.
(15) Pertussis.
(16) Plague.
(17) QFever
(18) Rabies,clinicalhuman.
(19) Smallpox.
(20) Tuberculosis, pulmonary .
(21) Tularemia.
(22) Typhoidfever.
(23) TyphusFever.
(24) Yellow fever.
(25) Outbreaks


(1) Outbreak report need not include identifying information about individual patients (2) Individual MER not requires for each patient
(3) Submit only one MER per outbreak unless instructed otherwise by NEPMU

Are Mers classified?

No, unless deemed by security officer, or CO

STATE requirements for Communicable Disease Reporting

The Healthcare provider who diagnosed or identifies a reportable case/medical-event is required to submit the report

A diagnosis, case, or medical event becomes reportable to the state when is classified as

1) Suspected
(2) Probable
(3) Confirmed

how do you confirm a suspected or probable case

Follow up MER

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