12 terms

WC Ch. 6 Sections 1 & 2 Terms

are rivers or streams that flow into a larger body of water.
the process of cutting and clearing away trees from a forest.
tropical zone
an area between the latitudes of 23N and 23S. Or you could say the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.
El Nino
a current in the Pacific Ocean that results from changes in air pressure and that causes changes in weather patterns.
the basic writing system of the Maya using symbols.
floating gardens created by the Aztecs on which they grew crops.
Machu Picchu
an ancient stone city built by the Inca in the Andes Mountains.
Hernan Cortes
Spanish conquistador (conqueror) that captured the Aztec ruler Montezuma II and claimed the Aztec Empire for Spain.
Montezuma II
Aztec ruler and great warrior.
Francisco Pizarro
Spanish conquistador (conqueror) that captured the Inca ruler Atahualpa, and claimed the Inca Empire for Spain.
Inca ruler.
Columbian Exchange
was the exchange of goods and ideas between European countries and their colonies in North and South America.