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Energetics 2 - Final

Questions on PC, SJ, GB, BL, LV, Ren, Du point energetics, plus point category and master point combo energetics - for Dr. Stuardi's final.
Window of Sky point on PC channel
PC 1
Entry Point of PC channel
PC 1
Clears Heat from Ying & Xue levels (2)
PC 3 & PC 8
For early stage mastitis or lack of milk
PC 1
He Sea of PC
PC 3
ALARM POINT for heart attacks
PC 4
Acute blood stasis and heart pain
PC 4
Xi Cleft of PC channel
PC 4
Jing River of PC channel
PC 5
Meeting of 3 Hand Yin channels
PC 5
Luo Connecting point of PC channel
PC 6
BEST for nausea, vomiting, morning & motion sickness
PC 6
Part of Buddha's Triangle for psycho/emo problems
PC 6
Confluent of (opens to) Yin Wei - for interior symptoms
PC 6
What is the Master point combo for problems with the Heart, chest & Stomach?
PC 6 + SP 4
Shu Stream point of PC channel
PC 7
Yuan Source point of PC channel
PC 7
BEST local point for carpal tunnel syndrome
PC 7
Ghost point on PC channel
PC 7
Point category where Qi moves inward and is big & deep and joins normal circulation of channel
Used for:
Stomach and intestinal problems (counterflow of Qi & diarrhea)
These points on Yin channels treat Fu organ problems
He Sea points
What is the Chinese name for the Pericardium Channel?
Hand Jueyin
Exit Point of PC channel
PC 8
What is the point combo for 5 Center Heat?
PC 8 + KD 1 + DU 20
Ying Spring of PC channel
PC 8
Clears heat from the PC
PC 8
Jing Well of PC
PC 9
Part of Shi Xuan (extra points)
PC 9
Cardiac pain, palpitations, mental restlessness, stuffiness in the chest, flushed face, swelling in the axillary area, depressive and manic mental disorders, spasm of the upper limbs, and heat sensation in the palms.
Pathological manifestations of the Pericardium channel
Cardiac pain and mental restlessness
Excess: Sudden heart pain
Deficient: Irritability
Pathological manifestations of the Luo Connecting channel of Pericardium
Jing Well of SJ channel
SJ 1
Entry Point of SJ channel
SJ 1
Bleed to clear heat from upper end of SJ channel
SJ 1
For Shaoyang Syndrome
SJ 2
Ying Spring of SJ channel
SJ 2
BEST distal point for ear problems - excess or deficient type
SJ 3
SJ 3
Shu Stream of SJ channel
SJ 3
Yuan Source point of SJ channel
SJ 4
Luo Connecting point of SJ channel
SJ 5
Confluent of (opens to) Yang Wei - for exterior symptoms
SJ 5
Distal point for Temporal (Shaoyang) headache
SJ 5
Unblocks the SJ channel
SJ 5
Good for forearm, elbow, and shoulder pain
SJ 5
What is the Master point combo for the outer canthus, retro auricular area, cheek, neck, and shoulder?
SJ 5 + GB 41
Jing River of SJ channel
SJ 6
BEST distal point for constipation
SJ 6
Xi Cleft of SJ channel
SJ 7
Meeting of 3 Hand Yang
SJ 8
He Sea of SJ channel
SJ 10
Window of Sky point on SJ channel
SJ 16
Expels Wind (dizziness/vertigo), good for TMJ, pressure & pain of the ears
SJ 17
Exit point of SJ channel
SJ 22
What is the Chinese name for the San Jiao Channel?
Hand Shaoyang
Point category where Qi flow is bigger and deeper and where pathogens can attack bones and joints
Used for:
Cough and dyspnea
Upper respiratory problems
Joint & tendon problems
Jing River
Abdominal distention, edema, dysuria, deafness, tinnitus, pain in the outer canthus, swelling of the cheeks, congested and sore thoat, and pain in the retro auricular region, shoulder, and lateral aspect of arm.
Pathological manifestations of the San Jiao channel
Spastic or flaccid cubital joint
Excess: contraction of elbows
Deficiency: flaccidity of elbows
Pathological manifestations of the Luo Connecting channel of San Jiao
Entry point of GB channel
GB 1
BEST local point for TMJ
GB 2
BEST local point for migraines
GB 8
Local point for Bells Palsy, facial paralysis, sinus problems, and Yangming (frontal) headache
GB 14
This point on the GB channel is one of the 3 Jiaos of the Scalp. Which Jiao does it control when combined with DU 24?
GB 15 Controls Middle Jiao
Expels EXTERNAL Wind
GB 20
Meeting point of GB and Yang Qiao
GB 20
Descends Qi: for rebellious Qi, Liver Yang rising, anger.
GB 21
Which GB point do you need to be careful to not cause a pneumothorax and is NOT for preggers?
GB 21
Front Mu of GB
GB 24
For timidity and indecision
GB 24
For all GB organ related problems - gallstones, trouble with fatty foods
GB 24
Front Mu of KD
GB 25
For low back pain, retention of urine, edema and to help pass kidney stones
GB 25
Name of point is "Dai Mai"
GB 26
Meeting of GB & Dai (3)
GB 26, 27, 28
Fix and guard the fetus after miscarriage
GB 26
Palpate for sciatica
GB 30
GB 31
He Sea of GB channel
GB 34
Hui Meeting of Sinews
GB 34
BEST distal point on GB channel for GB problems
GB 34
Lower He Sea of GB
GB 34
Xi Cleft of Yang Wei
GB 35
Xi Cleft of GB channel
GB 36
Luo Connecting point of GB channel
GB 37
Liver related eye problems - floaters, night blindness etc.
GB 37
Jing River of GB channel
GB 38
Hui Meeting of Marrow
GB 39
For all kinds of brain & blood problems - Parkinson's, dementia, poor memory, red blood cell disorders, anemia, etc.
GB 39
Yuan Source point of GB channel
GB 40
Confluent of (opens to) Dai
GB 41
Shu Stream point of GB channel
GB 41
Good for Shaoyang (temporal) headache w/ SJ 5
GB 41
For menstrual disorders where Liver Qi Stagnation impairs the smoothness & regularity of menses; breast abscess & pain
GB 41
Distal point for headache on GB channel
GB 42
Ying Spring on GB channel
GB 43
Point category where Qi pours and is rapid and larger. Defensive Qi starts here.
Used for:
Heaviness of body, pain of joints (Bi & damp diseases)
Intermittent diseases
Shu Stream
Headache, pain in the outer canthus, pain in the jaw, blurred vision, bitter taste in the mouth, swelling & pain in the supraclavicular fossa, pain in the axillary area, and pain along the lateral aspect of the chest, hypochondrium, thigh, and lower limbs
Pathological manifestations of the Gallbladder channel
Coldness in the foot, paralysis of the lower lombs, and an inability to stand erect
Excess: Cold sensation of the lower leg & foot
Deficiency: Atrophy of the legs with difficulty standing
Pathological manifestations of the Luo Connecting channel of Gallbladder
What is the Chinese name for the Gallbladder channel?
Foot Shaoyang
Meeting of 3 Foot Yang
GB 35
Exit Point of GB channel
Jing Well of LV channel
LV 1
Low back pain, fullness in the chest, pain in the lower abdomen, hernia, vertical headache, dryness of the throat, hiccups, enuresis, dysuria, and mental disturbance.
Pathological manifestations of Liver channel
Priapism, pruritis in the pubic region, swelling of the genitals, and hernia
Rebellion of Qi: Swelling of genitals
Excess: persistent erection
Deficiency: Sudden itching of genitals
Pathological manifestations of the Luo Connecting channel of Liver
Shan disorder (inguinal hernia)
LV 1
Ying Spring of LV channel
LV 2
Strong to clear LV fire anywhere in the body
LV 2
CHIEF point for any LV organ problems - excess or deficient
LV 3
Shu Stream of LV
LV 3
Do not use this LV point w/ women w/ heavy menstrual bleeding
LV 3
Which LV point, when combined with GB 37, is excellent for the eyes?
LV 3
Jing River of LV
LV 4
Luo Connecting point of LV
LV 5
Genital and reproductive problems; herpes, and pain and swelling of genitals
LV 5
Xi Cleft of LV
LV 6
He Sea of LV channel
LV 8
Nourish LV Blood & Yin
LV 8
Clear Damp Heat in Lower Jiao - STD's
LV 8
Front Mu of SP
LV 13
Hui Meeting of Zang
LV 13
This point on the LV channel runs the risk of damaging an enlarged Liver (on the right) or enlarged Spleen (on the left).
LV 13
Good for Liver overacting on Spleen (tonifies SP)
LV 13
Front Mu of LV
LV 14
What is the Chinese name for the Liver channel
Foot Jueyin
Point category where Qi glides, is powerful & swift, and changes quickly.
Used to:
Expel Heat and pathogens
Treat febrile disease
Open Zang or Fu organ's channel
Ying Spring
Retention of urine, enuresis, manic & depressive mental disorders, malaria, pain of the eyes, lacrimation when exposed to wind, nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, epitaxis, headache, pain in the nape of the neck, back, low back, buttocks, and posterior aspect of lower limbs.
Pathological manifestations of the Bladder channel
Nasal obstruction, watery nasal discharge, headache, pain in the back, epitaxis
Excess: Rhinitis w/ nasal obstruction, runny nose, pain of head & back
Deficiency: Rhinitis w/ runny nose and nose bleed
Pathological manifestations of the Luo Connecting channel of the Bladder
What is the Chinese name for the Bladder Channel?
Foot Taiyang
Local area eye problems
BL 2
This point on the BL channel is one of the 3 Jiaos of the Scalp. Which Jiao does it control when combined with DU 24?
BL 3 Controls Upper Jiao
Nasal congestion and vertex problems
BL 7
Point on BL channel for stiff neck from local wind invasion and occipital (Taiyang) headache
BL 10
Hui Meeting of Bones
BL 11
Strongest on BL channel to Expel Wind
BL 12
Back Shu of LU
BL 13
Back Shu of PC
BL 14
Back Shu of HT
BL 15
BL channel point for spontaneous night sweats
BL 15
"Du Shu" to release exterior and for chills and fever
BL 16
"Back Shu of Diaphragm" - rebellious Qi (hiccups)
BL 17
Hui Meeting of Blood
BL 17
These 2 BL points are the "Four Flower Points" for Taxation Consumption Disorder and are for night sweats from Yin Deficiency
BL 17 & BL 19
Back Shu of LV
BL 18
Back Shu of GB
BL 19
BL point for timidity and indecision
BL 19
Back Shu of SP
BL 20
BL point to strengthen SP, for any SP related problems, for Qi & Blood Deficiency
BL 20
Back Shu of ST
BL 21
Back Shu of SJ
BL 22
BL point to help pass out KD stones and promote urination
BL 22
Back Shu of KD
BL 23
BL point to tonify any kind of KD deficiency
BL 23
Back Shu of LI
BL 25
Back Shu of SI
BL 27
Back Shu of BL
BL 28
Which BL channel points are the Ba Liao points?
BL 31, 32, 33, 34
What are the Ba Liao points used for? 2 functions:
Reproductive problems and sciatica pain
Lower He Sea of San Jiao
BL 39
He Sea of BL
BL 40
Command Point for lumbar region and back
BL 40
Best distal point on BL channel for lower back and back pain
BL 40
BL point to clear heat for skin problems
BL 40
Lower He Sea of BL
BL 39
"Vital Region Shu"
BL 43
Which BL point is BEST for night sweats and Yin Deficiency in general?
BL 43
Which BL point Tonifies EVERY KIND of Deficiency, is good for tonifying the immune system, clearing phlegm and helps with chronic asthma?
BL 43
BL point good for jaundice
BL 49
"Abode of Thought" - good for over-thinking
BL 49
Luo Connecting point on BL channel
BL 58
BL point for hemorrhoids
BL 58
Xi Cleft of Yang Qiao
BL 59
Jing River of BL
BL 60
Distal point on BL channel for Taiyang headache and stiff neck
BL 60
Confluent of Yang Qiao
BL 62
What is the Master point combo for problems with the inner canthus of the eye, nape of neck, ear and shoulder?
BL 62 + SI 3
Ghost point on BL channel
BL 62
Xi Cleft of BL
BL 63
Yuan Source point of BL
BL 64
Shu Stream of BL
BL 65
Ying Spring of BL
BL 66
Jing Well of BL
BL 67
Point that can turn a breech baby using moxa
BL 67
Point category where Qi rises, is most superficial, and moves outward. Yin and Yang exchange.
Used for:
Restore consciousness and rescue collapse
Powerfully Clear Heat
Expel pathogens
Fullness below the Heart
Acute conditions
Jing Well
Stiffness and pain in the back and spine, opisthotonos (body in abnormal position), headache, epilepsy, yin/yang imbalance, deficiency of brain marrow (Alzheimer's or dizziness), Kidney problems, and Chong or Ren related problems
Pathological manifestations of the Du Channel
Leukorrhea, irregular menstruation, infertility (men & women), hernia, nocturnal emissions, enuresis, urine retention, epigastric pain,genital pain
Pathological manifestations of the Ren Channel
Luo Connecting point on Du channel
DU 1
Du point for hemorrhoids and prolapse
DU 1
Du point for irregular menses and nocturnal emission
DU 3
Du point: Gate of Life
DU 4
Du point that is especially good for men. It strongly tonifys KD yang, is good for impotence and infertility, and low back pain
DU 4
Du point that has a strong effect on the LV/GB and treats epilepsy and convulsion.
DU 8
This Du point calms Shen and is good for boils and furuncles
DU 10
Du point that's good for asthma and coughing
DU 12
Du point that Warms body Yang
Du 13
Meeting of Du and all 6 Yang
DU 14
Du point that releases the exterior to help stiff neck and strengthens Wei Qi
DU 14
Gate of Muteness
DU 15
Sea of Marrow point - nourishes brain
DU 16
Window and Ghost point on Du channel
DU 16
Du point that balances and rescues Yang Qi and regulates Shen. A Sea of Marrow point
DU 20
Du point for insomnia and sleep disorders. Also calms Shena and tranquilizes
DU 24
These 2 Du points can be used for resuscitation, panic attacks and nasal problems
DU 25 + DU 26
Command point for resuscitation and is good for acute low back injury
DU 26
This Du point, is combined with 3 other points to make up the 3 scalp Jiao points. What is is, and what are the other 3