Civil War's Early Years - Part I (Easy)


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Fort Sumter
First Shots of the Civil War.
First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas)
Eastern Battle.
Confederate Victory.
First Major Battle of the Civil War.
Battle of Shiloh
Western Battle.
Union Victory.
Key victory in securing the Mississippi River, established General Grant as a Northern hero.
Battle of Antietam
Eastern Battle.
Union Victory.
Bloodiest Single day in American History.
General Lee's plan of invading the the North is a failure.
Prison Camps
Overcrowded, very little food or clean water.
Many died in prisons due to disease and exposure.
A general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.
Result in the North and South printing more money to pay for the war.
War's Effects on Northern Economy
Northern Industries profit by producing military needs.
Farmers profit from selling food to the military.
Working class suffered due rising costs.
War's Effects on Southern Economy
Battles destroy many Southern farms and railroads.
Blockades prevented shipping of goods.
Food shortages lead to rioting.
Northern and Southern plans to pay for the War
1. Borrow Money
2. Income Tax
3. Print more money

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