Chapter 2 Key Terms

16 terms by MuzikLuver95

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hunting people; traveled from place to place to find food


high organized group of people with their own language and ways of living


scientists who study the objects left by early people


skilled craftworkers


money that can be invested in business ventures for the purpose of making a profit


people who risked their money to set up a business in order to make a profit, financed these inventions


growth of cities


the control by one country of the political economic, or cultural life of another country or region


adoption of western culture


pride in and loyalty to one's country

cash crops

could be sold on the world market


set up stable governments and produce a high level of goods and services


tax on imported goods


selling state-owned industries to private investigators


the ability to read and write

population density

average number of people living in an area of a specific size

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