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Adnexal diseases, Infections and Infestations

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Acne Vulgaris
Life long disease
Tx: Retinin A & topical clindamycin
Infection by P. acnes
Older women
4 stages: flushing, erythema & telangiectasia, papules and pustules, rhinophyma
Verrucae Histology
Koilocytic atypia = HPV
Keratohyaline granules, koilocytes
Verrucae vulgaris histo
Papillary architecture w/ hyperkeratosis
Molluscum contagiosum
Trunk & anogenital
Spread by pox virus
Umbilicated papules < 5mm
Histo: characteristic molluscum bodies
Highly infectious -> S. aureus
"Honey-colored crust"
Subcorneal pustule formation
Superficial fungal infections
Stratum corneum only
Onychomycosis: nail infection
Tinea H&E
Lyme disease
Tick (Ixodes) carries infectious agent (Borrelia burdorfi)
Erythema migrans (classic target lesion)

1st stage: erythema chronicum migrans rash
2nd stage: arthritis, myocarditis, pericarditis, etc.
3rd stage: neurological deficits

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Lyme disease
Rash is allergic response to bite + excoriation
Eggs = nits
3 types: head, body, pubic
Itch due to allergic response to mite body proteins (to their poop)
Trails & superimposed excoriation
Sacroptes scabei infectious agent