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The capital and primate city of Greece is


The Northern European country that has benefited the most from North Sea oil is


Most foreign workers in Germany are of _________origin.


A country's leading urban center that is disproportionately large and exceptionally expressive of national feelings, such as Paris is to France, is known as the country's

Primate City

The geographic principle under which particular peoples and particular places concentrate on the production of particular goods is known as

local functional specialization

When a state seeks to acquire the neighboring territory that is home to ethnically similar people and territory on the other side of its international border by appealing to a concentrated group, this action is termed


The Mediterranean island contested by both Greece and Turkey is


The Industrial Revolution in Europe

initially was focused in England, where machinery was invented and the use of steam to power engines emerged

The downtown of an American city, which is usually characterized by a square-grid layout, is called the

Central business district

The process whereby regions within a state demand and gain political strength and growing autonomy is known as


From the end of World War II until 1990, Eastern Europe was dominated by the

Soviet Union

__________ forces are divisive to a nation.

1. situational 2. centripetal 3. Centrifugal 4. charismatic 5. dispartic

Which of the following is the strongest example of a European nation-state?


The area that surrounds and is served by a city is known as its


The three principles of spatial interaction are

complementarity, intervening opportunity, irredentism

The Ruhr industrial complex is linked via the Rhine River to the port of


_______ dominates Western Europe demographically and economically.


The conurbation centered by London lies within which of the following regions?

Southern England

Which of the following statements is true?

Both A and B are true
Paris initially benefited from an excellent site and situation.

The gradual reduction of regional contrasts resulting from increasing cultural, economic, political and other types of exchanges is known as


Eastern Europe is a zone of politico-geographical splintering and fracturing known as a (an)

shatter belt

The Western European state that is not a member of the European Union is


Which of the following is not a state created by the breakup of former Yugoslavia?


The prevailing mid-latitude climatic type in the southeastern United States, western Europe, southern Brazil and northern Argentina, and eastern China is the

humid temperate

The Autonomous Community located in northeastern Spain just south of the Pyrenees Mountains that is centered on industrialized Barcelona is known as


Wegener's supercontinent is known as


All regions possess all of the following except


Europe's relative location

is one of centrality within the land hemisphere

German reunification

occurred in 1990

Which of the following groups have formed a rapidly growing minority presence in many European countries?


The largest ethnic minority in Ukraine are the


Italy's economic core, no longer focused on Rome, is located today in

the Po River Valley

Northern and Southern Italy are divided by the

Ancona Line

Which of the following cities is located in Italy's and Europe's core area?


The major river in western Germany, which enters the North Sea through the Netherlands and which passes through the Ruhr is the


Significant oil and natural gas supplies have been found beneath the:

North Sea

Water covers about _____ percent of the Earth's surface.


The country located directly across the Strait of Gibraltar from southernmost Spain is:


Spain and the United Kingdom are in dispute over which piece of territory:


The World Bank ranks countries within four groups. Which of the following is not one of those groups?

Middle-income countries

Which of the following is a systematic subfield of geography?

Urban geography

The country located on the Jutland Peninsula and the smallest state (in area) in Norden is:


In regional geography, relative location:

is more meaningful and practical than absolute location

Which water body is surrounded by a geologically-active Ring of Fire:

Pacific Ocean

Which of the following statements is false?

France has better harbors than Germany

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