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Which is the closest, extant relative of modern day true plants?


Which came first, aquatic plants are true plants?

Aquatic plants

Differences between aquatic vs terrestrial habitats of plants

Hydrostatic pressure vs physical support
Uniform water availability vs localized water availability
Uniform nutrient availability vs localized nutrient
Stratified light layers vs unstratified light layers
Both have uniform oxygen and carbon dioxide

What is the biggest stressor of terrestrial life vs aquatic life?


Coping mechanisms developed by terrestrial plants (6)

Specialized cells
roots or rhizoids
waxy cuticle
apical meristem

What are the different specialized cells



Has thick inner cell walls
Dead at maturity


Has thick outer cell walls
Not dead at maturity


Protein that reinforces walls of pores

Which stressor of terrestrial life do sclerenchyma, collenchyma, and sporollenin allow them to cope with?

Structural support and desiccation


wannabe roots
Almost no absorption capabilities
Only for anchorage

What stressor of terrestrial life might have vessels and true root help plants to cope with?

Localization of nutrients
Transportation of nutrients

What stressor of terrestrial life might have waxy cuticles and stomata help plants to cope with?


What stressor of terrestrial life might have apical meristem help plants to cope with?

Localized resource

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