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antibodies IgA, LgC secreted by plasma cells


poisons, protein produced by bacteria

Helper T Cells

promote the responses of B cells and T cells to neutralize antigens

Cytotoxic Cells

T lymphocytes that directly kills foreign cells


proteins secreted by T cells to aid and regulate the immune response

Plasma cells

lymphocyte produce and secrete antibodies

Suppressor T cells

lymphocyte that inhibits the activity of B and T lymphocytes


excision of thymus


chronic swelling of a part accumulation of interstitial fluid


exaggertaed hypersensitivity to foreign protein or other substance

Lymphoid organs

lymph nodes , spleen, and thymus gland


enlarged spleen blood cell destruction


acquired immunodeficiency syndrome


substance causing hypersensitivity reaction in the body

Hodgkin Disease

malignant tumor of lymhoid tissue in spleen and lymph nodes

Opportunistic infections

associated iwth AIDS HIV lowers bodies resistence and allows infection


enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay test to detect anti-HIV antibodies


test that seperates immunoglobulins

T helper lymphocytes

recognize epitopes bound to MHC-II molecules by way of the T-cell receptors (TCR) and CD4 molecules on their surface.


snythetic necleoside used intreating HIV infections and AIDS

Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

one-celled organism causes lung infection


chronic disease of animals and humans caused by toxoplasma gondi

Herpes Simplex

viral infection causes blisters on skin, can cause encephalitis

Kaposi Sarcoma

malignant lesion associated with AIDS


virus that causes AIDS


cancer of lymphatic system


immunoglobulin produced in mucosal linings


main function is immunity to parasites found only in animals


the most abundant antibody isotype found in the circulation

Humoral Immunity

aspect of special immunity mediated by B lymphocytes

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