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From Iwo Jima, a plane could fly from Tokyo and back on a tank of gas

Why was Iwo Jima such a significant Island for the Americans to take?

Josef Stalin

Who was the leader of Russia During the WWII?

The Axis of Powers

What was an Alliance that began in Germany and fought against the Allied Forces in WWII?

Japan, Germany, Italy

Who were apart of the Axis of Powers?

Maginot Line

What was an immovable line developed by one of teh allied forces and was a complete failure?


Where was the Maginot line originated?


What was the type of fighting Hitler used when he invaded countries. (this was a quick, silent, and very deadly full on invasion method)


Who gave weapons to Russia?


What country was the cause of the Holocaust?


Who was last to enter the war?


where was the location of D day?


Does this Relate to Facism? Strong Central government with very little power at local levels


Does this Relate to Facism? Only found in Germany


Does this Relate to Facism? Strong emphasis on military


Does this Relate to Facism? hints of racism


Does this Relate to Facism?a strictly controlled economy

It couldn't move, the enemy could get around it, it only served as 1 obstacle

What were problems with the Maginot line?

France did not want to get involved in another war

why did France not decide to attack Germany for reclaiming the Rhineland in 1936?


the Sudetenland, the third foreign soil Hitler sent his troops into, belonged to which country?

The defense strategy of the Japanese

What was island defense?


Was this an action taken by Hitler in his rise to power? he wrote a book called Mein Kampf that explained what he would do as the leader of Germany


Was this an action taken by Hitler in his rise to power? Tried to overthrow the Weimar Republic


Was this an action taken by Hitler in his rise to power? founded nazi party


Was this an action taken by Hitler in his rise to power? used propaganda to make himself look better


Was this an action taken by Hitler in his rise to power? worked closely with his political enemies to compromise


besides Hitler in Germany where was the other European fascist leader from?

D day

What was the name given to the all out offensive to gain a foothold in mainland Europe so the Allied forces would be able to push Germany back to Germany


The invasion of this country officially started WWII.


Hitler moved people and convinced them they should join the Nazi Party with his ability to __________


Which of the following is not an arena where Hitler used his propaganda?


Where did the first American soldiers who fought in WWII land?

Termination of political rights

which of the following is not a reason the Weimar Republic was unpopular with the German people?


What is a form of government that puts all the power into the hands of a strong leader?

Weimar Republic

What government controlled Germany after WWI?

Hitler stopped attacking the air force and started attacking major cities in England

Why did the Battle of Britain Fail?

they ran out of supplies

Why did Hitlers invasion of Russia fail?

political left

College kids in Latin America tend to be at what point on the political spectrum?

All the nuclear silos in Cuba Removed

What did President Kennedy want to happen before he talked about peace with chairman Khrushchev of Russia?

The military did not like the direction the country was being taken

why would the military take over rule of a country from the civilian government?


Did United States and Cuba have a good relationship?


True of False? Did the United states create a naval blockade around the island of Cuba?


True of False? The United States tried to oust Castro with the Bay of Pigs Invasion


True of False? The united states supported Castro as he fought to gain power in Cuba


True or False? Castro started out communist

Political Instability

what was the cause of the coup d'etat?


what was the cause of the mass migration to the city


money used to build up national industry was the cause of what?

Communist influence

What is the cause of Threat to the national security of the United States


What is the cause of illiteracy?


interest payments is the cause of what?

Political instability

military rule is caused by what?

they didn't have equipment to farm adequately

When the land in Latin America was given to the peasant farmers, why didn't the production output go up?


Is this a result of overpopulation? Better Education


Is this a result of overpopulation? Mass migration to the countryside


Is this a result of overpopulation? Malnutrition


Is this a result of overpopulation? Poverty


Is this a result of overpopulation? Disease


Is this a result of overpopulation? Illiteracy

taking over the assets of a foreign company

what does expropriation mean?


Which country didn't struggle with either communism or socialism

Too much land was owned by too few people

Why were the people in Latin America demanding that the land be redistributed?

Money wasn't being distributed throughout Latin America

What is the problem with land distribution in Latin America


What Latin American Country had the worst influence due to Communism?

The United States trained Cuban refugees to try and overthrow Fidel Castro

What was the Bay of Pigs Invasion?

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