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Infectious diseases of Galliformes that primarily cause respiratory signs

Mycoplasma: species

All Galliformes

Mycoplasma: Signs

Often asymptomatic.
Usually infra-orbital sinuses swollen, poss. swollen joints

Chlamydophila: species

All Galliformes
Turkeys especially sensitive

Chlamydophila: signs

Respiratory signs may be accompanied by diarrhea.

Infectious Laryngotracheitis: species

Mainly chickens and peafowl.
Also pheasants and turkey poults.

Infectious Laryngotracheitis: signs

Mild or subclinical.
Severe - extended head and neck, gasping for air, die in 2-3 days. Swollen sinuses, cough bloody mucus.
+/- diphtheritic membranes

Newcastle Disease: species

All, esp. backyard fowl

Newcastle Disease: signs

Respiratory signs +/- greenish watery diarrhea, possible CNS signs

Pigeon Paramyxovirus: species

Chickens, Pheasants, Peafowl

Pigeon Paramyxovirus: signs

Similar to Newcastle.
Respiratory signs +/- greenish watery diarrhea, possible CNS signs

Turkey Rhinotracheitis: species

Mainly turkeys.
Also pheasants, chickens, guinea fowl

Turkey Rhinotracheitis: signs

Upper respiratory signs with swollen sinuses.

Avian Influenza: species

Esp. pheasants, chickens and japanese quail

Avian Influenza: signs

Respiratory signs vary from mild to severe. Edema of the head and neck, +/- egg drop.
Due to sig. viral variation morbidity and mort. varies

Fowl Adenovirus: species

Chickens, esp backyard fowl

Fowl Adenovirus: signs

Subclinical to a moderately severe disease.
Severe - respiratory signs with mucoid pasty white droppings that stink and stick to the vent.
Poss. egg drop, guinea fowl may develop pancreatitis or marble spleen-like disease

Quail Bronchitis: species

Bob White Quail

Quail Bronchitis: signs

chicks < 1 week = 100% mort.
chicks > 1 week but <6 wks, severe respiratory signs with greenish diarrhea, die in 24-48 hours

Marble Spleen Disease: species

Pheasants, guinea fowl, chickens

Marble Spleen Disease: signs

Not primarily respiratory disease except when enlarged spleen causes dyspnea due to compressed air sacs

Infectious Bronchitis: species

All, esp pheasants

Infectious Bronchitis: signs

Respiratory signs may be mild with egg drop.
Pheasant chicks 40% mort.
Guinea fowl - enteritis and pancreatitis

Aspergillosis: species

All, esp turkey and pheasant

Aspergillosis: signs

Usually chicks up to 4 weeks.
Sudden death to chronic wasting disease with some respiratory signs

Syngamus: species

More common in overstocked grass aviaries

Syngamus: signs

Gasping for air, cough, head shaking, anorexia and loss of condition.

Trichomoniasis: species

All, esp. pheasants

Trichomoniasis: signs

Dyspnea from exudate blocking the airway

Cryptosporidiosis: species


Cryptosporidiosis: signs

Often a secondary invader.
Inflammation and typical upper respiratory signs

Avipox: species


Avipox: signs

Diphtheritic lesions on respiratory mucosa.
May cause severe respiratory signs and death, poss egg drop

Infectious Coryza: species

All, usually chickens, turkeys and pheasants

Infectious Coryza: signs

rhinitis, sinusitis, air sacculitis and pneumonia

Turkey Coryza:species


Turkey Coryza: signs

Often secondary to turkey rhinotracheatis

Cryptococcus, blastomycosis, histoplasmosis: species


Cryptococcus, blastomycosis, histoplasmosis: signs

Gelatinous granulomatous lesions on the mucous membranes of respiratory and GI tracts.

Mycobacteriosis: species


Mycobacteriosis: signs

Vary, may have rattling sounds due to granulomata in the trachea

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