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These are questions from the CLAA (Classical Liberal Arts Academy) Grammar 1 course, Lesson 40.

What is a conjunction?

A conjunction is a part of speech which joins together and orders words and sentences.

How many things belong to a conjunction?

Three: (1) signification, (2) order and (3) figure.

How many basic significations of conjunctions are there?

There are 14 basic significations.

Copulative significations

Conjunctions: Et, Ac, At, Que, Atque, Quoque, Etiam, Item, Itidem, Cum, Tum, Nec, Neque, Neu, Neve. Basic meanings: Both, And.

Disjunctive significations

Conjunctions: Aut, Ve, Vel, Seu, Sive. Basic meaning: Either, Or.

Discretive significations

Conjunctions: Sed, Quidem, Autem, Vero, At, Ast, Sed Enim, Atqui, Quoque, Caeterum, Enimvero, Quod si, Verum, Porro Quin. Basic meaning: But, However.

Causal significations

Conjunctions: Nam, Namque, Enim, Etenim, Quia, Ut, Quod, Quum, Quoniam, Quippe, Siquidem, Quandoquidem, Proptera quod, Quatenus, Et, quo. Basic meaning: For, Because.

Conditional significations

Conjunctions: Si, Sin, Modo, Dum, Dummodo. Basic meaning: If.

Exceptive significations

Conjunctions: Ni, Nisi, Quin, Alioquin, Praeterquam. Basic meaning: Except.

Interrogative significations

Conjunctions: Ne, An, Utrum, Necne, Anne, Nonne, Num, Numquid. Basic meaning: Introduces question.

Rational significations

Conjunctions: Ergo, Ideo, Igitur, Quare, Itaque, Proin, Idcirco, Quambrem, Quocirca, Proinde, Propterea, Ob eam rem, Ea re. Basic Meaning: Then, therefore.

Perfective significations

Conjunctions: Ut, Uti, Ne.
Basic meaning: That, So that.

Adversitive significations

Conjunctions: Esti, Quamquam, Quamvis, Licet, Esto, Tametsi, Aliae id Genus. Basic meaning: Even though.

Redditive significations

Conjunctions: Tamen, Attamen, Veruntamen. Basic meaning: Nevertheless

Elective significations

Conjunctions: Quam, Ac, Atque, ut (when used in place of Quam). Basic meaning: Than, Rather than.

Diminutive significations

Conjunctions: Saltem, At, Certe, Vel. Basic meaning: At the least.

Expletive significations

Conjunctions: Quidem, Equidem, Nimirum, Autem, Scilicet, Quoque, Nam, Profecto, Vero, Enimvero, Sedenim, Enim (for Certe). Basic meaning: Truly, Now (resumes a thought, fills in a transition).

How many orders of conjunctions are there?

Three: (1) Prepositive, (2) Subjunctive, and (3) Common.

What are Prepositive conjunctions?

Prepositive conjunctions are those which "go before" in speech, as: Aut, Ac, Atque, At, Ast, Vel, Nec, Neque, Nisi, Seu, Sive, etc.

What are Subjunctive conjunctions?

Subjunctive conjunctions are those which "follow" in speech, as: Que, Ve, Ne, Quidem, Quoque, Autem, Vero, Enim.

What are Common conjunctions?

Common conjunctions are those which may both go before and follow, as: Ergo, Igitur, Itaque, Equidem, etc.

How many figures of conjunctions are there?

Two: (1) Simple, as Sed, Quidem, Enim and (2) Compound, as: Sedenim, Equidem, Etenim.

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