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Chapter 14: Endocrine System

endocrine system
-consists of ductless glands
-glands secrete chemical substances called hormones: chemical signals
-classified as either proteins or steroids
-secreted directly into blood
anterior pituitary
-secretes GH: growth hormone: stimulates & maintains blood glucose levels during fasting periods
-secretes PRO: prolactin: stimulates milk production in women
posterior pituitary
-TSH: thyroid stimulating hormone
-stimulates thyroid glands
-ACTH: adrenocorticotropic hormone: stimulates adrenal cortex
-ADH: antidiuretic hormone: stimulated by reabsorption of water by kidney
-oxytocin: stimulates uterine contractions in childbirth
2 types of cells
1. follicular cells: regular metabolic rate (T3 & T4)
2. parafollicular cells:secrete calcitonin, decrease blood calcium levels
adrenal gland
-plays role in "fight or flight"
-secretes epinephrine & norepinephrine
-secretes sex hormones
-secretes insulin: low blood glucose levels
-secretes glucagon: high blood glucose levels
ovaries: secrete estrogen & progesterone
testes: secrete testosterone
thymus gland
plays important role in immune response
pineal gland
-"biological clock"
-secretes melatonin