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the air that surrounds earth; the feeling or mood in a room or place SY- enviroment


sparkling or full of light; striking or shiny; very smart SY-bright shining intense vivid; cleaver AN- dull lifeless


to get someone to believe something or to do something; to win over SY- persuade urge coax AN-dissuade


to put up with; to continue in the same way for a long time SY-suffer bear withstand last


to look at quickly; to bounce off a surface and fly to one side SY-glimpse peek AN- stare


a quick look SY-glimpse peek AN- stare


rough or unpleasant to the senses; unkind in a voice or behavior SY- crude cruel severe demanding AN-smooth pleasant kind


to fall quickly; to quickly throw oneself down or into something SY-dive drop


the act of jumping in SY- dive swim


very high-priced; loved and adored SY-valuable special AN-worthless valueless ordinary


able to move at a quick speed; quick to respond SY-fast rapid speedy ready AN-slow gradual


to bring two or more parts together; to make a whole SY-join combine AN-break spill undo divide

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