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Ch 14.1: FDR and the First New Deal

pre-president FDR
-assistant secretary of the navy under Wilson 1913
-nominated as Democratic VP 1920
-NY gov 1929-1932
The Hundred Days
-flurry of activity in first 3 mos of presidency
-bank funds depleted severely
-Roosevelt immediately signed legislation to stem bank crisis
First New Deal
-FDR's 15 bills proposed in the 100 days
Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)
-New Deal organization that distributed $500 million to states for direct aid to families
Harry Hopkins
-head of FERA
-gov charity
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
-employed environ projects, built camps, national parks, planted trees, conservation efforts
-excluded minorities
-many men from the bonus army
Public Works Administration (PWA)
-1933; set aside $3 billion to create jobs building roads, sewers, public housing units, and other civic necessities.
National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
-bill sponsoring the recovery of industry
-relaxed antitrust laws, called CEOs to set codes, standards, wages, hours, labor unions
National Recovery Administration (NRA)
-set standard for big business
-made people buy blue eagle products
Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)
-subsidized farmers to reduce their crops to raise prices
-FERA bought crops and redistributed to needy
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
-dams in Tennessee River to power generators
-create lakes to increase tourism
Truth-in-Securities Act
-eliminate fraud in stock market by legalizing suits against companies who deceived investors
Glass-Steagall Banking Act
-prohibited investment of personal savings into stock
-established the FDIC
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
-insured bank deposits
Fireside Chats
-informal radio conversations Roosevelt had with the people to keep spirits up.
-means of communicating with the people on how he would take on the depression.