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medical specialty of disorders of the nervous system


specialist of disorders of the nervous system


division of autonomic nervous system; calms body - slows heartbeat but stimulates digestion

sympathetic division

arouses body for action by increasing heart rate and respiratory rate to increase oxygen supply to brain and muscles


a cord of fibers bound together with connective tissues


nerve cell ( cell body, dendrites, axons)


material of the sheath around the axon of a nerve


junction between two nerve cells, or a nerve fiber and its target cell where electricacl impulses are transmitted between cells


chemical agent that relays messages from one nerve cell to the next


the most posterior area of the brain located between the midbrain and cerebral hemispheres; motor control


cerebral hemispheres

frontal lobe

front area of cereral hemisphere; responsible for intellect, planning, problem solving and voluntary motor control of muscles

parietal lobe

posterior to frontal lobe; recieves and interprets sensory info - like spoken words

temporal lobe

below frontal and parietal lobes; intereprets sensory experiences

occipital lobe

posterior part of cerebral hemisphere interprets visual images and written words

cerebrospinal fluid

fluid formed in the ventricles of the brain and surrounds the brain and spinal cord


mass of gray matter under the ventricle in each cerebral hemisphere ; receives all sensory impulses and channels them to different regions for interpretation


an endocrine gland in the floor and wall of third ventricle in the brain - regulates blood pressure, body temp, h2o and electrolyte balance


three layered covering of brain and spinal cord...

alzheimers disease

most common form of dementia - nerve cells in areas of the brain associated with memory and cognition are replaced by clumps and tangles...

vascular dementia

second common form of dementia arteries to brain narrow causing 02 deprivation


chronic brain disorder due to paroxysmal excessive neuronal discharges

tourette syndrome

disorder of multiple motor and vocal tics


involuntary falling asleep


acute clinical event caused by impaired cerebral circulation


temporary loss of consciousness and postural tone due to diminished cerebral blood flow


severe headache confined to one side of the head


inflammation of brain cells and tissues


small circumscribed dilation of an artery or cardiac chamber


injury to the brain directly under the skull at the point of contact


hemorrhage into a tissue (bruising) including the brain


mild brain injury


inflammation of the meninges


pain in the muscle fibers


process of losing the myelin sheath of a nerve fiber

multiple sclerosis

myelin sheaths around axon of brain and spinal cord are damaged

herniated disc

tear in ring allows soft central portion to bulge out


inflammation of gray matter of the spinal cord leading to paralysis of limbs and muscles of respiratory

amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

motor neuron disease

spina bifida

failure of one or more vertebral arches to close during fetal development

spina bifida cystica

meninges and spinal cord protruding through the absent vertebral arch

cerebral palsy

motor impairment resulting from brain damage in an infant or young child


poor sense of balance and coordination


limbs involuntarily writhe and move


muscles are tight and resistant to stretch

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