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1 indifferent

not caring one way or the other

2 apathy

lack of emotion or interest

3 obscure

unclear, clouded, partially hidden

4 impartial

unbiased; neutral

5 objective

without bias (as opposed to subjective)

6 revere

to worship; respect (think of a reverend)

7 discriminate

to differentiate; to make a clear distinction; to see the difference

8 denounce

to speak out against; to condemn

9 innovate

to be creative; to introduce something new

10 relevant

important; pertinent

11 candid

honest; frank

12 discernment

insight; ability to see things clearly

13 disdain

arrogant scorn; contempt

14 abstract

theoretical; lacking substance

15 temperate

moderate; restrained

16 enigma


17 inevitable

unavoidable; bound to happen

18 eccentric

not conventional; a little kooky; irregular

19 provincial

limited in outlook to one's small corner of the world; narrow

20 futile

hopeless; without effect

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