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Duty, Dereliction, Direct cause, Damages

four Ds of negligence

building, autos, employee safety

three areas of employer liability


basis for most malpractice claims


When a patient sues a physician for negligence, who has the burden of proof, the plaintiff or defendant?


when a patient sues a physician, the patient is called what?


when a patient sues a physician, the physician is called what?

deposition in lieu of trial

Type of deposition used instead of the witness' in-person testimony in court.


Type of deposition that covers material that will most likely be examined again when the witness testifies again.

contempt of court

legal charge that may result if you're subpoenaed to appear in court as a witness or to give a deposition and you fail to appear.


damages that recognize the wrong, but award only a token amount


damages awarded by the court to punish the defendant


A plea for a case to be reviewed by a higher court

common knowledge

Res ipsa loquitur is the doctrine of this

general compensatory

Damages awarded by the court so that the defendant pays for violation of rights where the dollar value need not be proved


opening and closing statements are presented in this phase of a lawsuit.

Concise, complete, clear, correct, chronological

five C's for correctly entering information into a medical record

legal document

Medical records are often subpoenaed in court because a patient's medical record is what kind of document?

Health and Human Services

The department of the federal government responsible for supervising HIPAA compliance and implementation

Office of Civil Rights

Patient complaints about privacy must be directed to this government agency

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

federal government agency responsible for compliance and implementation of the National Identifier Standard

business associate

A person, group, or organization outside the medical practice that has a HIPAA-approved reason to see protected health information

privacy officer

a patient who complains about a privacy breach should speak to this employee

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