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________ is a powerful programming language used to build a wide range of Windows applications.

Microsoft Visual Basic

What is the final step of the system development life cycle?

maintenance and evaluation

________ is the process of translating a task into a series of commands that a computer will use to perform that task.


________, building a small program model, is a form of rapid application development (RAD).


Which phase of the system development life cycle generates a detailed plan for programmers to follow?


A ________ is a visual diagram of a process, including the decisions that need to be made along the way.


________ enables users to define their own tags and facilitates exchange of information between Web sites.


Some programmers include scroll bars, title bars, buttons, and menus in a program simply by adding them to a layout through a process called ________ programming.


An alternative approach to systems development, called ________, makes use of a prototype at the beginning of the project.

rapid application development

Which phase of the system development life cycle explores the problem in depth and develops program specifications?


Special symbols called tags are used in which of the following languages?


Which language do programmers use if the problem requires a lot of number crunching?

C + +

Which language is used for applications that need to collect information from networked computers?


With object-oriented analysis, programmers identify all the categories of input that are part of the problem into


A variable declaration tells the operating system to allocate storage space ________.

in RAM

Who is responsible for writing internal documentation for software programs?

technical writers

The loop decision point consists of three features: an initial value, a set of actions to be performed, and a(n) ________.

test condition

________ is the instructions programmers have written in a higher-level language.

source code

Which of the following is taught as the beginning computer language at many colleges and universities?


Match the following PDLC step to its purpose.
I.Describing the Problem
II. Making a Plan
III. Coding
IV. Debugging
V. Finishing the Project

A. describe steps that computer must do
B.test software, document results and train users
C. find and repair any known errors in code
D. translate algorithm into programming code
E. describe the problem completely


A(n) ________ error is caused by not following the strict, precise set of rules for a specific programming language.


As long as the answer to a question is yes, a ________ will repeat the same set of actions.


First-generation programming languages use symbols and commands to help programmers tell the computer what to do.


HTML and XHTML are NOT programming languages.


SQL is an example of a fourth-generation language.


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