25 terms

Chapter 11

The ________ indicates what type of data can be stored in a field.
data type
A ________ relationship indicates that for a record in one table, there can be many related records in another table.
When creating a database with a DBMS, you must create a description of the data called the ________.
data dictionary
Which type of database excels in the storage of structured (analytical) data?
Which of the following is a reason for creating a list instead of creating a database?
to organize data for simple tasks
If a numeric field has a size of 7, which is the highest number it can hold?
The most commonly used type of database in the market today is the ________ database.
Which of the following is NOT a likely primary key?
street address
The speech-recognition feature of Microsoft Windows is an example of a ________.
natural language processing (NLP) system
SQL uses ________ to extract records from a database by using English-like expressions that have variables and operations.
relational algebra
In a transaction-processing system, if transaction data is accumulated until a certain point and then many transactions are processed all at once, this is called ________.
batch processing
A data ________ is a large-scale electronic repository of data that contains and organizes all of an organization's data in one place.
Computational fields are a type of database field used to store ________.
What does the acronym DBMS stand for?
database management system
In a database, a text field capable of holding complete paragraphs is referred to as a ________ field.
If a college's database maintains a student's major and GPA information in only one place, this is an example of ________.
data mining
________ is the branch of computer science that deals with the attempt to create computers that think like humans.
Artificial intelligence
Oracle Database 11g is an example of which type of database?
multidimensional database
A ________ displays a subset of data from a table (or tables) based on the criteria specified.
select query
To access and manage data, many object-oriented databases use a(n) ________, which is similar to SQL.
When data mining, ________ is used to organize data into similar subgroups.
Databases help reduce duplicate data, which is also referred to as data ________.
Databases provide for data centralization.
Databases are made up of one table of related information.
Knowledge-based systems support the concept of normal logic.