Unit 5 Houghton Mifflin

La cintura, the narrowing of the body between the ribs and hips
The girl's waist is very small.
malgastar , use inefficiently or inappropriately
He wastes money on candy.
paciencia, A willingness to wait for someone or something without complaining
The teacher has patience with her students.
pacientes, person under medical care
The doctor takes care of his patients.
ceremonia (como religiosa) an established ceremony prescribed by a religion
correcto, something that is morally, academically, correct.
This answer is not right.
Una persona que repara lo que esta danado; someone who makes or repairs something (usually used in combination)
A wheelwright repairs wheels.
músculo, tissue used for strength.
The athlete trains his muscles.
parecido a una ostra o almeja, normalmente negra,
Like an oyster or clam, but small and usually black.
In the lake, there are many mussels.
principal (n)
director de escuela, the educator who has executive authority for a school
Tania Fleming is the school's principal.
principle (n)
reglamente de comportamiento moral, a rule or standard especially of good behavior
The "golden rule" is a good principle to follow.
summary (n)
resumen, a short statement that gives a lot of information in a short way.
Please write a summary of your skills and abilities.
summery (adj)
Adj. del verano con clima templado; Light, delicate or warm and sunny
On a summery day in June, she went to the park.
sight (sustantivo, n)
cualquier cosa que se ve, una vista; anything that is seen
It was love at first sight.
cite (v)
referir a la prueba/ fuente de informacion de investigacion, to refer to for illustration or proof
You must cite your sources in a research paper.
un lugar, a place
This is the future site of Panama Pacifico Academy
stationary (adj.)
parado no moviendose. standing still; not moving
The statue was stationary, but the car was not.
stationery (n)
Papel especialmente usado para escribir cartas bonitas, paper used for writing letters
Women like to use stationery to write their friends.
coward (n)
cobarde, afraid to take action
The student was a coward and did not raise his hand.
cowered (v)
accion de moverse fuera de una sitacion con miedo, to cringe away in fear.
The cat cowered away from the dog.