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Eulogy (noun)

a speech honoring the dead

Exonerate (verb)

to remove blame

Facetious (adj)

playful; humorous

Fallacy (noun)

an invalid or incorrect notion; a mistaken belief

furtive (adj)

marked by stealth; covert; surreptitious

Gregarious (adj)

sociable; outgoing; enjoying the company of other people

Harangue (verb/noun)

to deliver a pompous speech or tirade; a long, pompous speech

heretical (adj)

violating accepted dogma or convention

Hyperbole (noun)

an exaggerated statement, often used as a figure of speech

Impecunious (adj)

lacking funds; without money

Incipient (adj)

beginning to come into being or to become apparent

Inert (adj)

unmoving; lethargic; sluggish

Innocuous (adj)

harmless; causing no damage

Intransigent (adj)

refusing to compromise

Inveigle (verb)

to obtain by deception or flattery

Morose (adj)

sad; sullen; melancholy

Odious (adj)

evoking intense aversion or dislike

Opaque (adj)

impenetrable by light; not reflecting light

Oscillation (noun)

the act or state of swinging back and forth with a steady, uninterrupted rhythm.

Penurious (adj)

penny-pinching; excessively thrifty; ungenerous.

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