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Module 3 Study Guide

Bible Literature
Why does Numbers begin with a census?
The census was to provide a basis on which to divide the land. It also helped impress the original audience with the great work of God's sustenance. It was to validate God's sustaining for the entire forty-year period of wandering. The first census served to count the people and to organize them.
What is a Nazirite?
A Nazirite was a person who consecrated himself or herself for a particular purpose, a special period of faithfulness. Usually for a short period of time.
Why did the people refuse to go to the land after they reached Kadesh Barnea?
The land was already occupied with strong people, and the cities were large and well fortified.
What was Korah's revolt?
Korah wanted power and privileges beyond the responsibilities his family had been given in setting up and taking down the tabernacle. He thought everyone had the same level of authority and his group at the tent of meeting was swallowed up by the earth.
Why was Moses not allowed to enter the Promised Land?
It was a the result of disobeying God by Moses striking a rock twice with his staff instead of what God told him to do. We also do not know what he was thinking or his tone of his declaration to the Israelites. This was a major sin!
Who were Sihon and Og?
Shion was a King of the Amorites in Heshbon. He would not let the Israelites pass through the land and attacked the Israelite camp, resulting in Sihon's defeat and his people were completely wiped out. The Israelites took his land. Og was King of Bashan. Og and his people battled with the Israelites and were defeated and the Isrealites took his land.
Who were Balak and Balaam?
Balak was a King of the Moabites. He established a military alliance with the Midianites. He and his allies sent messengers north to a town named Pethor which were to summon Balaam. Balaam had a reputation of cursing or blessing people, he had some type of relationship with YHWH. Balak tried to get Balaam to curse the Israelites. Balaam prophesied that Israel was blessed by God and could not be cursed. The Moabites seduced the Israelites to practice in their worship of Baal. God commanded the Israelites to attack the Moabites. In the end Balak and Balaam died in the battle.
Why and how did the nation renew its covenant with God across the river from Jericho?
This made guidelines for future generations and also refreshed the Israelites of God's Law. The people were to gather at a specific location where they would have the entire Law read to them. The Israelites observed this ceremony during the conquest.
What does the Hebrew word herem mean? Why did God place the Canaanites under this ban?
The Hebrew word herem means "under the ban, accused, or devoted for destruction" it refers to God's order to destroy the Canaanites. Their lifestyle was immoral.
Describe the Canaanite religion. Biblically speaking, what was wrong with it?
The Canaanites had a polytheistic religion. Their practice of worship included self-mutilation, religious prostitution, and sacrifice of infants. They had no value for human life and did not worship the true God.
Who was Rahab, and why is she important?
Rahab was a woman in Jericho who hid the spies and was spared when Jericho was attacked by the Israelites.
What was unique about the way the Israelites entered the land? Why might God have done it that way?
God parted the Jordan River and they crossed on dry land during the flooding period of that area. It solidified Joshua as leader. It united them by reminding them of the Red Sea and God's power. It also warned the other nations of the land of God.
Describe the "battle" of Jericho.
There was silent marching around the city for seven days. The seventh day march around 7 times and then blow horns and shout. The walls fell inward and destroyed everyone except Rahab and her family.
What went wrong at Ai? How was the dilemma resolved?
Israel lost men in the first battle because someone had stolen from Jericho. The person was found and stoned along with his family.
Describe the southern campaign.
Gibeonites tricked Israel into an alliance. Five other kings waged war against Gibeon but Israel came to help and killed the 5 kings. Thus becoming in control of 2/3 of the land.
Describe the northern campaign.
Jabin the king of Hazor decided to develop and alliance with the remaining forces in the region. Their goal was to attack Israel but they attacked them first and they burned the city of Hazor. The Israelites had control of all the land God had promised.
Which cities were burned? What did the people do with the rest of them?
Hazor, Ai, and Jericho were burned. They captured the remaining cities.
Describe the allocation of the land to the various tribes.
Levites were not given a specific territory, but cities throughout. Simeon's tribe was in Judah's territory.
How did Joshua challenge the poeple of Israel in his farewell speech?
He challenged them to put away foreign gods adn follow the true God of Israel.
What happened between the generation of the conquest and the next generation?
Some of the tribes could not capture some cities throughout the nation. God told them "You shall not make a covenant with the people of this land." The Israelites had a covenant with the Canaanites where they tolerated and adopted their pagan religions.
Describe the Israelites' sin cycle.
Each time God sent a judge, the people would return to God only for that judge's lifetime. After the judge died, the people returned to their evil ways until God again sent hard times. The entire process was a downward spiral, with each generation worse than the previous one.
Why was Deborah significant?
She was the first major judge and she was a woman. She was a woman that held a position of leadership as a judge and a prophetess, even before she assumed the role of deliverer.
What were Gideon's weaknesses and strengths?
Gideon's strengths was his faith that accepted the historical accounts of God's works and he expected them to be repeated. He desired to focus the worship of Israel on God. His weaknesses were that he was doubtful and fearful.
What are minor judges, and what role did they play?
These were leaders who recieved just a note in passing. Ibzan, Elon, Abdon, Shamgar, Tola, Jair, and Jephthah.
Evaluate Samson's charatcter and career.
He didn't keep his Nazirite vows, he married but abandoned his wife when she gave away his secret. The Lord gave him unheard of strength at times, he was again foiled by Dililah who cut his hair. In the end he killed the Philistines and himself.
What is the function of the two appendixes at the end of the book of Judges? How well do they fulfill this function?
The function was to illustrate how depraved the nation had become. Israel had no king, everyone did as he saw fit.
What is the point o fthe book of Ruth?
It took place during the Judges period to show how outsiders could be accepted within the covenant community by putting their faith in the God of the covenant.
Was the Hebrews' practice of animal sacrifice good or bad?
The practice of animal sacrifice of worship was a good practice unlike the other practices the Canaanite religion practiced.
Which of these Bible characters does Hindson use to illustrate conquering the opposition?
According to Hindson when conquering the opposition, what is something you should not do?
You should not try to do it on your own, without God's help.
According the Fee and Stuart what is the most important thing to remember when reading or interpreting the Psalms?
It is poetry.
How long did the conquest take?
The conquest took place over several generations...in total it took longer than 40 years.
Was Samson an exception to the "typical, short" period of time of service as a Nazirite?
Yes, Samson was an exception for God said he would be a LIFELONG Nazirite.
Who was mentioned as part of the reconnaissance at Kadesh Barnea?
What went wrong at Ai?
It relates to the items stolen in Jericho.
True/False The census at the beginning of Numbers was conducted for military purposes so that the nation would be ready for the battles to come in the conquest of the Promised Land and to provide a basis for the division of the land?
Which of the Bible characters does Hindson use to illustrate overcoming your fears?
True/False In the campain of the conquest of the Promised Land Joshua and his men were never able to gain victory at Ai and had to bypass the town?
False, they solved the problem and defeated Ai and burned the city.
True/False The Israelites crossed the Jordan Rive and entered the land in a very ordered and dramatic fashion?
True, they made a big entrance into the land to warn everyone of their God.
True/False In the battle of Jericho everyone in the city was wiped out without exception?
False, Rahab and her family were spared.
True/False A Nazirite is a person who would consecrate themselves to God for a particular purpose, most always for a long period of time?
False, it was usually for a short period of time.
True/False Joshua appointed Caleb as his successor as mediator for the covenant.
False, Joshua didn't appoint anyone.
True/False In the northern campaign of the conquest of the Promised Land the Israelites burned the city of Hazor?
True/False According to the text the book of Ruth took place during the 40 years in the Wilderness prior to the conquest.
False, it took place in the period of the Judges.
What group of people did Rahab belong to?
Rahab was a Canaanite.
True/False According the tradition the whole of the Israelite nation crossed the Jordan River 3 times on the way to Jericho?
False, they only crossed the river once on the way.