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Critical Election

an electoral "earthquake" whereby new issues emerge, new coalitions replace old ones, and the majority party is often displaced by the minority party. These are sometimes marked by a national crisis and may require more than one election to bring about a new party era

Divided Government

Governance divided between the parties, as when one holds the presidency and the other controls one or both houses of Congress.

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

Created to combat the discrimination that Hispanics face in the US, helped advance civil rights for all Americans

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Founded in 1909 to improve living conditions for inner city Blacks, evolved into a national organization dedicated to establishing equal legal rights for Blacks.

National Rifle Association (NRA)

a powerful lobby that advocates the right to own and bear arms and rejects any gun regulation by the government

Party De-alignment

the gradual disengagement of people and politicians from the parties, as seen in part by shrinking party identification.

Party Realignment

the displacement of the majority party by the minority party, usually during a critical election period

Party Identification

An informal and subjective affiliation with a political party that most people acquire in childhood.

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