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Characters of The Crucible

Abigail Williams
Orphan; neice of Parris; tauntress; mistress of Proctor; leads "crying out" during the trial.
Parris's slave from Barbados; first accused witch.
Reverend Parris
A minister of Salem who is more worried about his reputation than the life of his daughter or the lives of his parishioners.
Betty Parris
Parris's young daughter; stricken at the beggining; one of the girls who "cry out" during the trial.
Thomas Putnam
Vindicative, bitter villiager who believes he has been wronged and cheated; leading villiage voice against the witches.
Ann Putnam
Wife of Thomas Putnam; first plants the idea that Betty has been witched.
Ruth Putnam
Daughter of the Putnam's; one of the girls who "cry out" at trials.
Mercy Lewis
Putnam's servant; also involved in accusation of witches; one of the girls who "cry ot" during the trial.
John Proctor
Good man with human frailities and hidden secret; often the voice of reason in the play; accused of witchcraft.
Elizabeth Proctor
Wife of John Proctor; a cold but upright woman who at first cannot forgive her husbands frailities; an accused witch.
Mary Warren
Proctor's servant; an easily swayed young girl who plants the evidence of witchcraft on Elizabeth; one of the girls who "cry out during the trial.
Reverend Hale
A minister who is a recognized authority on witchcraft; at the end he tries to save the accused.
Giles Corey
Old, garrulous villiager; inadvertently causes his wife to be accused.
Martha Corey
Giles Corey's wife who likes to read; accused witch.
Sarah Osborne
Midwife at birth of three Putnam babies who were born dead; accused witch.
Rebecca Nurse
Wife of respected Francis Nurse; midwife; exemplary Christian; accused witch.
Francis Nurse
Husband to Rebecca; had land dispute with the Putnams.
Deputy Governor Danforth
Deputy Governor of Massachusettes who is taken in by the testimony' attempts to get confessions of accused witchs.
Judge John Hathorne
Another one of the judges in trials
Judge Samuel Sewell
One of the judges in trials
George Jacobs
A viliager who owns land next to Putnam's.
Sarah Good
Accused witch who cracks under the strain of imprisonment.
Ezekiel Cheever
Charged with arresting the witches.
Marshal Herrick
Also charged woth arresting the witches; acts as jailkeeper.