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1) Human resource management involves training, motivating, and retaining competent employees.


2) Human resource management activities such as hiring and firing are the sole responsibility of the human resource department.


3) Human resource management is about hiring and firing only.


4) The most important environmental force that affects HRM is the legal environment.


6) Employers cannot legally discriminate with regard to race, sex, or religion, but there are no laws against denying employment because of age.


9) Employment planning includes two steps: assessing current human resources needs and developing a plan to meet those needs.


10) A job description states the minimum qualifications a person needs to perform a job successfully.


11) Increased demand for employees typically is associated with increased demand for the products or services offered by an organization.


13) Employee referrals are usually reliable.


17) Written tests fell into disfavor in the late 1960s and are now rarely used in the selection process.


18) Performance-simulation tests are thought to be one of the best methods for evaluating job applicants in use today.


19) Behavioral interviews involve placing an applicant in stressful circumstances and seeing how he or she deals with the situation.


21) Important goals of job orientation are to reduce anxiety and to familiarize the recruit with the job and the organization.


22) Most job training does not take place on the job.


23) One car company claims that every dollar it spends on training ultimately results in $230 in productivity gains.


26) The only goal of a performance management system is to assess training needs.


31) A key goal of compensation administration is to create a fair system that will provide incentive for employees.


32) The primary determinant of an individual's pay is the type of job he or she performs.


33) Most U.S. jobs use a variable pay system in which employee compensation is based on status and seniority.


34) Most organizations are not legally required to provide benefits of any type for employees.


35) Downsizing can be as stressful for the survivors as it is for the victims.


36) Job referrals are generally not a good method for improving workplace diversity.


37) Although most sexual harassment complaints are filed by women, a significant number of complaints are filed by men.


38) Sexual harassment is defined as any unwanted activity of a sexual nature that affects an individual's employment.


39) One major way that an organization can protect itself against sexual harassment cases is to make sure that all employees are well-educated on the topic.


43) Human resource management is concerned with ________ competent employees.

B) obtaining, training, motivating, and keeping

47) This is the goal of employment planning.

C) obtaining competent and high-performing employees

48) The last steps of the HRM process all deal with ________.

A) performance and compensation

50) The ________ prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.

B) Civil Rights Act, Title VII

51) It is against the law to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation ________.

D) in many states

52) A wheelchair-bound applicant may be denied a job ________.

C) if the job requires complete physical mobility

53) Affirmative action programs seek to make sure that employers ________ minority groups.

B) enhance employment opportunities for

54) Which U.S. law gives you the legal right to see your professor's letter of recommendation?

B) Privacy Act of 1974

58) The lengthy process by which a job is examined in detail in order to identify the skills, knowledge and behaviors necessary to perform the job is known as a ________.

D) job analysis

59) As one of his first tasks in a new job, Steve's boss asks him to develop a database that lists the educational level, special capabilities, and specialized skills of all the employees in his firm. This is known as a ________.

B) human resource inventory

60) A job description is ________.

B) a written document used to describe a job to job candidates

61) A job specification is ________

A) a list of job qualifications only

63) A written statement of what a job holder does in his job, how it is done, and why it is done is known as a ________.

D) job description

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