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Chapter 4 - Input and Output


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An input device containing numerous keys that can be used to input letters, numbers, and other symbols.
Pointing device
An input device that moves an on-screen pointer, such as an arrow, to allow the user to select objects on the screen.
A common pointing device that the user slides along a flat surface to move a pointer around the screen and clicks its buttons to make selections.
An input device that is used to write electronically on the display screen.
Handwriting recognition
The ability of a device to identify handwritten characters.
Graphics tablet
A flat, rectangular input device that is used in conjunction with a stylus to transfer drawings, sketches, and anything written on the device to a computer.
Touch screen
A display device that is touched with the finger to issue commands or otherwise provide input to the connected device.
Touch pad
A small rectangular-shaped input device, often found on notebook computers, that is touched with the finger or thumb to control an on-screen pointer and make selections.
An input device that reads printed test and graphics and transfers them to a computer in digital form.
Flatbed scanner
An input device that scans flat objects one at a time.
Portable scanner
A scanner designed to capture input while on the go.
A machine-readable code that represents data as a set of bars.
Barcode reader
An input device that reads barcodes.
Radio frequency identification (RFID)
A technology used to store and transmit data located in RFID tags.
RFID tag
A device containing a tiny chip and a radio antenna that is attached to an object so it can be identified using RFI technology.
RFID reader
A device used to read RFID tags.
Optical character recognition (OCR)
The ability of a computer to recognize scanned text characters and convert them to electronic form as text, not images.
Biometric reader
A device used to input biometric data, such as an individual's fingerprint or voice.
Digital camera
An input device that takes pictures and records them as digital images.
Speech recognition system
A system, consisting of appropriate hardware and software, used to recognize voice input, such as dictation or audio computer commands.
Display device
An output device that contains a viewing screen.
A display device for a desktop computer.
Display screen
A display device built into a notebook computer, netbook, UMPC, or other device.
The smallest colorable area in an electronic image, such as a scanned image, a digital photograph, or an image displayed on a display screen.
CRT monitor
A tie of display device that projects images onto a display screen using a technology similar to the one used with conventional TVs.
Flat-panel display
A slim type of display device that uses electronically charged chemicals or gases instead of an electron gun to display images.
Liquid crystal display (LCD)
A type of flat-panel display that uses charged liquid crystals to display images.
Organic light emitting diode (OLED) display
A type of flat-panel display that uses emissive organic material to display brighter and charger images.
Plasma display
A type of flat-panel display that uses layers of gas to display images; most often used on large displays.
Data projector
A display device that projects all computer output to a wall or projections screen.
An output device that produces output on paper.
Multifunction device (MFD)
A device that offers multiple functions (such as printing, scanning, and faxing) in a single unit.
Laser printer
An output device that uses toner powder and technology similar to that of a photocopier to produce images on paper.
Ink-jet printer
An output device that sprays droplets of ink to produce images on paper.
Photo printer
An output divide designed for printing digital photographs.
Barcode printer
An output device that prints barcoded documents.
Portable printer
A small, lightweight printer designed to be used while on the go.
3D printer
an output device designed to print three-dimensional objects, such as product prototypes.
Computer speakers
Output devices connected to computers that provide audio output.
A personal audio output device used by an individual so only he or she can hear the sound; headphones with a built-in microphone are typically referred to as headsets.