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  1. Medina
  2. India
  3. Little Ice Age
  4. Minoan
  5. Sokoto Caliphate
  1. a City in western Arabia to which the Prophet Muhammad and his followers emigrated in 622 to escape persecution in Mecca.
  2. b Temporary but significant cooling period between the fourteenth and the nineteenth centuries; accompanied by wide temperature fluctuations, droughts, and storms, causing famines and dislocation.
  3. c large Muslim state founded in 1809 in what is now northern Nigeria.
  4. d
    Prosperous civilization on the Aegean island of Crete in the second millennium B.C.E. Exerted powerful cultural influences on the early Greeks.
  5. e Rapid industrialization hurt the economies of places that were still agriculturally based. For example, textiles in _____ , a British colony.

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  1. Process of changing property from private ownership to communal ownership. Usually this went along with communist efforts to form communal work units for agriculture and manufacturing.

  2. The first Marxist politician elected president in the Americas. He was elected president of Chile in 1970 and overthrown by a US-backed military coup in 1973.
  3. Steamships and _______ were the major transportation developments of the 19th century.

  4. A line of trenches and fortifications in World War I that stretched without a break from Switzerland to the North Sea. Scene of most of the fighting between Germany, on the one hand, and France and Britain, on the other.
  5. An imperial eunuch and Muslim, entrusted by the Ming emperor Yongle with a series of state voyages that took his gigantic ships through the Indian Ocean, from Southeast Asia to Africa.

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  1. 527 CEDate: Justinian rule of Byzantine Empire
    (Hint: _27 CE)


  2. AkbarIncarnation of Hindu god Vishnu made famous in the Ramayana


  3. Nongovernmental Organizations
    Nonprofit international organizations devoted to investigating human rights abuses and providing humanitarian relief. Two NGOs won the Nobel Peace Prize in the 1990s: International Campaign to Ban Landmines (1997) and Doctors Without Borders (1999).


  4. SputnikThe world's first space satellite. This meant the Soviet Union had a missile powerful enough to reach the US.


  5. Geneva ConferenceDate: Beginning of Trans-Saharan Trade Routes
    (Hint: ___ century CE)